I’m Loving…Higgledy Garden

I’m currently in the midst of Project Garden. It began this summer, and with any luck, I’ll have most of it completed by spring. Well, as ‘completed’ as any garden ever is, as once I’ve the foundations laid, with everything where I want it to be, it’ll be an ongoing project to enjoy. This summer has been my first real foray into gardening, though my mum is very green-fingered and has been helping me (read: doing it all!) with the garden since we moved here several years ago. But with the project under-way, my interest has grown, and I have started thinking about what I really want out there.

One of the things that is on my wish-list for the garden re-design is a cut flower patch. The idea of having an area of the garden designated to growing flowers that I’ll either leave there to enjoy, or be cutting back and bringing them inside and filling my vases with gorgeous English blooms is just irresistible to me. I love having fresh flowers in the house, and there’s just something appealing about having grown them myself – all flowers chosen to my tastes and I can put bunches together of whatever I fancy. I’d always have fresh arrays of colours and scents at my fingertips – I’m getting excited just thinking about it now!


Now, this idea didn’t just come to me in a blinding flash of inspiration. More like a blinding tweet! I stumbled across Higgledy Garden on Twitter and fell in love with the concept.

higgledy gardenBenjamin Ranyard runs the business, growing flowers on a patch of land in Cornwall. Along with supplying me with seeds, from a shop bursting full of them, he supplies me with tips, advice and ideas. Well, not me personally, though I’m sure if I had a question he’d be more than happy to help out. No, I mean both the product listings in the shop, and the blog that runs alongside it, are brilliantly useful, written with a friendly and clear tone, and I find that even I, with my appalling lack of gardening knowledge, can understand what I need to buy, and then do, with my purchases. There’s a section full of growing guides and the blog shares ideas, offers, inspiration and what the Higgledy Garden is up to. So after I got a little seed-excitable!, they arrived all hand-picked and labelled, ready and eager to make my garden beautiful…

higgledygarden seeds

The shop has a huge range of seeds available, all at great prices, and there’s free delivery on all orders over £10. You could order the ‘Complete Cut Flower Garden Seed Collection 2014’ and you’re good-to-go – just clear out a little area of your garden ready for planting 🙂 Or if you’re after a lovely gift idea, Benjamin is currently busy packaging and labelling up his Christmas wrapped ‘Bee-Friendly Seed Collection’, all wrapped and delivered for £10. I can see that making a very pretty addition to any garden, and a fabulous way to encourage and support the declining bee population.

If you’re looking for a little garden inspiration, do pop over to my Project Garden Pinterest board. Do you have a cut-flower patch? Have you ever considered it? How hard can it be to add one, and brighten your home all year round with flowers?! Looking forward to enjoying mine…

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