I’m Loving… #Postcircle

Oh yes, I do love #Postcircle, started by the fabulous Miss Beatrix. It reignited my enjoyment of letter-writing, brought new friends into my life and gave me a legitimate excuse to buy more pretty stationery – wins all round! There’s something so satisfying about sitting down to write a letter, and it’s great to spy some happy post in amongst a pile of junk mail or bills!

It was actually a chat over on Twitter that first drew my attention to this lovely little world, and so I eagerly investigated and signed up. From these Twitter chats, I also have several other pen pals now (they’re fabulous, of course), outside of #PostCircle, but there’s no doubt that it sparked it all off.

So I now have myself a letters box, filled with my correspondence and an array of writing sets and washi tape – all necessary, you understand? Hmm, a nice antique bureau will be needed next, I think…!


When I was a teenager, I always had pen pals, several from around the world, and a few from the UK, too. I remember wanting to be a postman for a while, too, as I do love post! Of course, they all tailed off (along with my desire to be a postman..), and I hadn’t really thought much about it until I saw #PostCircle mentioned, and I knew I’d want to get involved. Actually, I do have a few letters to write, so best be off…

Want to know more? Here’s the link to Miss Beatrix’s page, and there will be a #PostCircle Twitter party tonight, as it’s turning one! Just look out for #PostCircle, partying from 8-10pm.

Are you a fan of snail mail? Or is it just better to email?!

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45 thoughts on “I’m Loving… #Postcircle”

  1. That sounds lovely. I used to spend hours writing letters when I was younger and filled boxes and boxes which I guess might still be at my dad’s house. (Although I suspect I threw them out years ago in a fit of tidiness.)

  2. I love the sound of this! I recently became pen pals with a US blogger so have invested in a stash of paper, envelopes, pens and washi tape from Paperchase. Must get a storage box now! πŸ™‚

  3. I love getting snail mail. I used to have lots of pen pals when I was younger. Sadly the only letters I have received in recent times were from my late Grandma. I loved getting her letters and I know it made her day to get a reply.

  4. How fabulously old skool! Was chatting earlier with a friend about how my 4 year old and her friend next door, who is also 4, have started writing letters to each other in between getting together to play. The novelty for each of them receiving a letter through the letterbox is so great! Love your little box of stationery! Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou

    1. Ah, that’s very sweet! My friend and I used to write to each other, even though we saw each other every day at school! Thanks for hosting x

  5. Thank you for such a wonderful post… about post! You are a much-valued member of the #PostCircle community and I’m so pleased you’ve got so much from it. Here’s to the next year!

    Anna x

    1. Oh yes, I do love it! Been happily writing letters today πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for starting this and all the work running it, as it is hugely appreciated. Looking forward to the party! X

  6. Right, how do you find time to blog and keep up several pen pals?! Oh and have kids and stuff?
    When I was 18 I moved to Edinburgh to live with my brother and I worked in a gallery shop. It was THE MOST DULL JOB EVER, so I would write a letter (at least) everyday. My mates got well sick of hearing all my non-news! But it was fun and I’d make my own envelopes out of magazines. I’ve not written a letter since…:( You may have inspired me! #AllAboutYou

  7. How gorgeous is this idea! I think its really exciting when you receive a hand written letter. Sadly with technology these days all of that is getting phased out. Emails are easier, quicker, less hassle….but I think snail mail is my preferred method by far. And look at all of your pretty stationery!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with this weeks #MMWBH I’ll try to remember to pop over to the #postcircle party on twitter tonight!! x

    1. It is such a nice touch in this technology based world – love getting my letters! The party was last night, so just look for the hash tag and you’ll see plenty of chat! Thanks for hosting x

  8. How lovely to hear about letters and letter writing and stationary indulgence! I love writing letters and I’ve been reading a lot about people re-embracing the tradition! Perhaps as we grow older we enjoy the memories and nostalgia that letter writing stirs in us. I’m finding myself writing more and more these days and I’d forgotten what a lovely ritual it is. My boys are over the moon when they receive letters from Grandma! Letters really are a beautiful thing! Thank you for sharing #AllAboutYou

  9. I am a self confessed snailmail gal through and through! #postcircle is grand, I just wish I didn’t miss the party. next time. In the meantime, I have pinned your letter box – couldn’t help myself – lovely pile of stationery you have there. Nice to meet a fellow letter loving aficionado.

  10. Good grief, you write letters too πŸ™‚ I am officially in awe! I have to admit that while I love stationary (and do buy it) I am rubbish at writing letters – and emails for that matter! It sounds wonderful though xx #AllAboutYou

  11. Hurray! Another #postcircle fan and devotee! So pleased you love it. I’m a member too and even though I’ve been very slow at getting my post circle act together recently, I absolutely love it.

    So much so, that I too wrote about it here. Have a gander if you fancy it.

    Here’s to everyone receiving more exciting and beautiful post! x

    P. S Love the idea of a stationery box too!

  12. You are so right, it’s the whole package that’s enjoyable. I love putting those letters together, as much as I love receiving happy post.
    Thanks for hosting x

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