I’m Loving…Sweet Scents & Soft Skin

I have been treated! And I am absolutely loving my new pamper products, perfumes and bath and shower gels…..

The Library of Fragrance and treaclemoon

I am something of a perfume addict. You know how some people treat themselves to bags or shoes come payday? Well back when I worked full time, I was always circling the perfume counters, trying out the latest and selecting a new bottle each and every month. It was my weakness and my treat. Nowadays, every time my birthday, anniversary or Christmas roll around, you can be sure I’ll be asking for a new perfume. Love them.

So it was with great interest that I have been exploring The Library of Fragrance. With 101 different colognes available from the UK website, there has to be something there to suit very taste. The range is fantastic, with categories such as fruity scents, spicy scents, floral scents and clean scents, all the way through to the ‘unusual scents’ section. And they most definitely are unusual, so if you’re looking for something different, then you need not look any further. Fancy smelling like Pistachio Ice Cream? Done! Or Sticky Toffee Pudding? Done! Perhaps even Stable?!

The Library of Fragrance

The fragrances work very well on their own, or can also be layered with one another to make new scents. There are suggestions for which ones work well together on each page of the website, combining to make a fresh fragrance.

I’ve been trying out the Cherry Blossom and Sunshine. Both last well all day and I really like wearing them. Cherry Blossom reminds me of Ralph for women, one of my all-time favourite scents so that was an immediate hit. Sunshine is a sweet smell, somehow reminiscent of Swizzels sweets – think Love Hearts and Parma Violets and it has that kind of scent to it. It makes me smile.

Each bottle retails at just £15 for a 30ml, and they’re available at Boots. I’m so pleased that I’ve discovered them as I am already pondering which fragrance to go for next, working my way through the huge library!

And who doesn’t enjoy a gorgeous-smelling bath and shower gel? The treaclemoon range, made in the UK,  offer beautiful packaging, with evocative introductions to the products, giving a feel of luxury at a very reasonable price.


I opted for ‘the raspberry kiss’ and ‘marshmallow hearts’ to try and both bottles came filled to the brim and smelling wonderful. As a shower gel, it lathers easily and the scent lingers subtly on the skin without having to use much of the product at all. Though it doesn’t claim to be a bubble bath, I thought I’d pop some marshmallow hearts into the kids bath as they loved the smell of it and I was pleasantly surprised by how much it did all bubble up and last throughout their crazy bath time antics! That’s not easy to do! So this is a product for the whole family, and they smell good enough to eat. If only I could add a ‘sniff’ button here!

You can find the treaclemoon range in Tesco and Waitrose, retailing at £2.99.

What do you think of these? Tempted?

Disclosure: I received the products FOC for the purposes of this post, though all opinions are my own

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