I’m Loving…..The Toadstool

I do love this shop! It’s become one of my go-to places whenever I need presents for my children, as I just love the toys, the quality that I know I’ll receive, the ethos behind it and the excellent service. So, in conclusion, I am a fan 😉

A little background information. The lovely Niki runs The Toadstool. She works hard to ensure that the range she stocks meets her high standards and that the toys are all eminently ‘playable’ – there are plenty of toy testers enlisted to share their findings regularly, so she can be comfortable with what she is selling. She also blogs about her business, products, suggestions for play, ideas for gifts, and her family, so you can go over and find out more here.

We’ve been enjoying playing with the Janod Nutty Squirrel and Rory’s Story Cubes, which I bought for Boo’s birthday (my reviews are here and here), the Plan Toys Tumbling Tower, which I reviewed here, and I’ve several items hidden away ready for Christmas gifts for both of the children – I’ll be reviewing those in the new year for you. The thing that has really struck me is the quality of the toys, along with their reassuring eco-credentials. They feel traditional, durable, and well-made. We’re a pretty thrifty household here, so I always look for great value products, and there’s no doubt that they tick that box. I know that the toy will last, from Boo to Little Man, and it’ll have years of playability in it.

Back in September, I wrote a wish-list post full of beautiful things from The Toadstool. We still want all of that!, but there are now other things catching my eye, too, so I’d like to share with you a few of them which I suspect (know!) that Boo and Little Man would enjoy:

Wonderworld Eco Dolls House




Haba My First Ball Track


Janod DIY Toolbench



Plan Toys Camera



Brio Monorail Airport Set


Travel Pouch Puzzle Animal World Map


Plan Toys Beehives



Janod Kubix 100 Dominoes


I admit, I could go on and on here! And they currently have a competition running to win some pizza play food…

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Surely you can see why I love it?!

And….I have further news! I am delighted to announce that I am now a proud member of the 2014 ToadTest Team, too! As an ambassador for The Toadstool, I will bring you more goodies from this wonderful shop and plenty of reviews. I actually found this out after I had written this post, too 🙂

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    1. They’re ridiculously cute! So many gorgeous things there – I struggle to narrow down & choose things come birthdays & Christmas!

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