In Need of a Desk

I shared here yesterday a few thoughts on projects for the home next year, and it has got me thinking. It’s dangerous when that happens! My Little Man’s bedroom was decorated just before he was born, and as he’s now five, it could do with doing again to freshen it up. But while we’re doing that, we might as well make a few changes, right?

Little Man’s room is the smallest of our three bedrooms, but it is still a good size. Before he came along it served as a guest room and comfortably homed a double bed and furniture so it’s fairly roomy. Of course now that he has taken up residence in there, there are a lot of toys and books, a big box full of dressing up clothes and his wardrobes and bed. The thing is, there’s just one thing niggling me, he hasn’t got a desk.

Boo has a desk in her room, we added it in when we gave her room a makeover when she was Little Man’s age. And though he has yet to ask for one, I would like him to have one. Boo has a ridiculous amount of stationery (OK, that might be my influence!) and she loves to sit and write at her desk. I think it’s important that my son has a similar work space to get creative at whenever he wants to. And so to the quandary, as I have been struggling a bit to see where I can fit one in.

Well that problem might well be solved, as as luck would have it, Happy Beds have recently got in touch with me. They’ve a huge range of beds available and I have found myself looking at these kids beds….

Happy Beds Milo

Aha, maybe I can actually fit a desk into the room at all! This could well be the answer, in fact I’m struggling to see any other way to do it. I do like Little Man’s bed, but I know Boo would be happy to receive it so I can see us having a big move around upstairs in the near future. Beds like these should create quite a bit more storage, as well as that all-important desk.

Have your little ones got desks in their rooms?

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