In The Night Garden Fun & Learn Projector Review

The night is black and the stars are bright and the sea is dark and deep… If you’re a parent of a small child, you’ll no doubt recognise these words. And yes, you’re probably singing them now, too, as I am.

In The Night Garden was one of my Little Man’s first loves. Makka Pakka stole his heart when he was barely toddling, and so for that, it will always be special here. So when we received an In the Night Garden Fun and Learn Projector to play with, as part of our KD Mumbassador’s work, we were excitable…

in the night garden fun & learn projector
In the Night Garden Fun & Learn Projector

Little ones can project images of their favourite the In The Night Garden characters and turn the lens to discover more faces.

With two game modes, children can learn about colours, numbers and shapes with the help from Igglepiggle and his friends.

The Projector features original characters’ sounds and five great tunes.

2 Years +
3 x AAA (included)

I’m coming to find with the products that we receive from KD UK, that I know what to expect and can rely on them to deliver me a few ticks on my parental guide to buying toys. Is it easy to get out of the packaging? Tick. Does it have enough packaging that it is protected, whilst not having an unnecessary amount that it fills my recycling box in one hit? Tick. Has it got batteries already supplied? Tick. Are they actually inside the toy ready to go so that I can immediately pass it over to the very eager little hands grabbing at me? Tick. Does it then stand the test of time and hold up against being bashed, thrown, dropped and launched at things? Tick. OK, so in my book, this is already a winner, and I know that these things sound quite basic, but time after time toys disappoint me in these ways, and I’m sure I can’t be alone on this one?

Onto the toy and what it actually does. Well, it has games on it, which are on the side of the projector, as you can see here…

in the night garden fun & learn projector games

The games encourage you to press either the colour that it’s asking for, or the shape or number.

As you can see, they require concentration!

playing with the ITNG fun & learn projector

The buttons are all a good size for my 2 year old, easy enough for him to press and operate, but not so sensitive that they keep on going off every time they touch other toys in the drawer that it’s now stored in. He will play this game, though to be honest, he’s quite good with these already so it doesn’t hold his attention for very long. For him, this toy is all about the projector.

It projects well, as I managed to photograph these easily enough, and it plays different ITNG tunes whilst doing so. As you can see, it shows favourite ITNG characters..

itng fun & learn projector

When the songs play, they’re relatively quiet, so they have failed to irritate me so far, and are loud enough for Little Man to enjoy them. I’d say the only problem with this toy is making sure that you have a dark enough environment to really enjoy it in. With the lighter nights that we’re now having, we’ve found we have to close blackout blinds in the kids rooms to properly play with this, which of course adds to the fun. I can really see it coming into it’s own when the dark nights are upon us again, though I’m not wishing the summer away!

What do you think of this one? One that your little ones might enjoy?

Disclosure: We received this product FOC for the purposes of this review

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27 thoughts on “In The Night Garden Fun & Learn Projector Review”

  1. For some reason my kids never really got into in the night garden, but they would love a projector. Looks like a good toy, especially if you need to make the room dark, my children are always wanting to play in the dark.

  2. Amazingly we’ve swerved any sort of ITNG obsessions in our house – I think in part due to our early bedtime routine which has always had them in bed before it’s on! This looks like a great product though 🙂
    Lovely to see you on #TriedTested this week 😀

  3. Makka Pakka used to make Cameron cry, every time he blew his trumpet thing! Lucas however loves him, and he would love this projector too!

    Laura x x x

    (And yes the song is in my head now lol)

  4. This looks like a lot of fun, weirldy my twins have never taken to ITNG. Lucas used to love it but has outgrown it a little now, still I’m sure he’d have a good play with this. I love it when toys come with batteries too, why don’t they all do it! xx

    1. I know, me, too! It makes me immediately like a toy if the batteries are already in it! Boo never really got into ITNG either, but she happily plays with this, even at 5 🙂

  5. I’ve just received mine. As it’s a gift for someone I can’t take it out the box, but I did the ‘try me’ and turned the projector on. It’s only an inch or so away from the inside of the box, but there’s a bright light and no images!! Is it because it’s not far away enough? I’m really worried I have a dud, but can’t get it out the box to test it properly, and the birthday isn’t for 2 months! Can you tell me if you’re one shows images when close up against a wall? (as if it was still in the box!). Thank you! 🙂

    1. Just went and checked, it’s just a round bright light close against the wall, which I’m guessing is what you’re getting. When you pull it away, the images focus, so no need to worry!

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