Influential Role Models Your Kids Should Meet When They’re Still Young

As the kids grow up, it’s easy for the years to fly by. Imparting lessons about life and the positive role models that certain people play in their jobs is an important idea to plant in the minds of the little ones.

Here are a few important types of people who are worth meeting to open your child’s eyes to the possibilities for the future.

Guarding the Palace

When visiting London, seeing the Changing of the Guard is almost a rite of passage for anyone interested in pomp and ceremony. However, the role of guarding the British Royal family is not taken lightly. Taking the kids to see the ceremony and a visit inside the Palace itself (something that wasn’t possible until a few years ago) is a great way for young kids to appreciate the importance of things.

A tour of the palace will give them a new appreciation of the people who protect the Royal Family and valuables housed there. The history and splendour all around them will also be of interest to those children who find history to be a dry subject with little interaction with anything real.

Meeting Past and Present Military at Carlisle Castle

For kids interested in the military, seeing uniforms and shows, and vehicles used by the military up close, the Military Weekend at Carlisle Castle on September 2-3 is a must-see event. Run on a weekend as a two-day event, the event starts at 11 AM and ends at 5 PM so it doesn’t go on so long so that the kids become tired and cranky.

Alternatively, an air show of planes past and present, perhaps with a chance for the kids to meet one of the pilots, is a good option. There are plenty of air shows operating throughout the country.

Nurses in Their Uniforms

Nurses are a bit confusing for children. Their uniform isn’t something they’ve seen before and they’re unclear what the markings on it mean. They know that they’re not doctors, but they’re not sure who they are or what they actually do. Their role is important, whether having taken DNP executive leadership programs online at Regis College to learn how to manage other nurses or taking care of young and old patients in the hospital.

There’s often a staff nurse at senior school, but they may not have met them. Sometimes nurses visit small rural schools on a schedule when there’s not one on staff permanently. Checking for the presence of head lice was once a role that a nurse performed at school. Any such visit is an excellent opportunity for the kids to meet the nurse and learn what he or she does. You never know, it could lead them wanting to follow in their footsteps one day and enroll in an online doctoral nursing program themselves.

The power of role models is strong in children during their formative years. It’s necessary to combat the influence of negative role models on the internet who are not always a positive thing for them.

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