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I always get itchy feet in January so I am already anticipating feeling this way soon. At least I know it’s coming now, so it won’t sneak up on me and have me making hasty trips to buy random ill-thought out purchases just to assuage the need for change! It’s not that I ever want to move house or anything quite as significant as that, but I do tend to find myself looking around at my home and wondering how I can freshen it up. There’s normally a room or two that hasn’t been altered for a while that starts to irritate me and I just have to do something to give it a face-lift. They are usually quite small projects, updating things here and there. Next year will be a particular challenge for making the changes as the money that we’d normally spend making a few home improvements is all being channelled into our Disney World holiday fund – the holiday comes first, right?! So, I have been thinking about interior projects for 2018 that I can manage…

New Flooring
Whether it be fresh fluffy carpets or modern vinyl floor tiles, a change of flooring is sure to dramatically alter the look of any room. It’s been a while since we did this, and I think a couple of rooms would benefit from new flooring. I really like the process of choosing and the kids like to have their say, too, of course! Whatever we go for, it will be with a nod to the practicalities of having a young family so needs to be easy to keep clean and looking good.

A Lick of Paint
In our house, we only have two rooms decorated with wallpaper, all of the other rooms are painted. Which is great as it’s a relatively cheap way to decorate and can be replaced with new colours quite easily, but it also means that scuff marks show up readily. And I have two young children. We therefore have scuff marks. I do fancy trying out some different colours in a couple of rooms, though I see this being a project for the summer. Longer days and warmer weather should give us a little longer to air the house and get it all dry.

Brighten Up With Greenery
Whether it be fresh flowers dotted around, a new pot plants arrangement or a pretty terrarium, greenery always brightens the place up. Now, I really enjoy gardening and definitely view my garden as an extra room of the house from spring through to autumn ( I barely set foot out there during winter!), yet I rarely have plants indoors. I think I’ll be changing that next year as this is an easy way to bring a smile to my face walking into a room. I like succulents and cacti so am thinking of adding a little collection in somewhere, probably the kitchen. And then fresh flowers throughout the year are a must, I love them.

Changing Up Accessories
In our living room, we have a deliberately neutral colour scheme in place. The walls, flooring and furniture are creams and browns, which allows me to change the colour scheme in there, pretty much every year, just by using accessories. Through buying just a few new things in the January sales such as cushions, ornaments, candles, lamps and the like, the room can get a face-lift with little effort or expense.

New Furnishings
I do feel that I need a new bookcase…or two. I always feel I need more bookshelves, this is not a new thing. But for the first time since having the kids, I feel there may actually be a possibility of getting more. As they are both now at school, I might be able to relocate a few more toys to their bedroom freeing up space in our playroom/office which could then accommodate another bookcase. Ah, the joys! The Husband has also been making noises about new sofas for the living room, which I’m not completely averse to. Ours could do with freshening up, though the problem is that I do still like the colours and designs of them and I am loathe to basically buy the same thing again! We will see, that might be one for 2019.

What do you think? Which projects would you prioritise? I’d love to hear your interiors plans for 2018, are you going big or just changing a few things around for a fresh look?

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2 thoughts on “Interior Projects for 2018”

  1. New year interior projects for me
    – decorate the family bathroom
    – decorate the downstairs toilet
    – decorate Oliver’s bedroom

    This means all rooms will have been freshened up in the last 4 months so everything feels cleaner x

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