An Interview With Boo, Age 4 Years Old

I was pleased to be tagged by Chantelle, over at Mama Mummy Mum, in a meme that Kate from Family FeverΒ came up with a few weeks ago. An interview with our children, which could go well, could reveal too much, but I suspect will be funny. So here goes, Boo shares all…

boo snap n style dolls

1. What is something Mummy always says to you?

Do you need to go to the toilet? (she’s right, I do ask her this a lot, though clearly more often than I thought!)

2. What makes Mummy happy?


3. What makes Mummy sad?

Me not doing as I’m told

4. How does Mummy make you laugh?

Silly faces and silly statues

5. What was your Mummy like as a child?

Like me

6. How old is your Mummy?

Very old (a little harsh, I thought…)

7. How tall is your Mummy?

*holds her hand up to above her head to illustrate*

8. What is your Mummy’s favourite thing to do?


9. What does your Mummy do when you’re not around?

Cleaning and playing with Little Man

10. If your mummy becomes famous, what will it be for?

Be fine (she’s doesn’t know what this means, so when I explained to her, she said I’d be fine at being famous!)

11. What is your Mummy really good at?


12. What is your Mummy not very good at?

Drawing (she makes a good point!)

13. What does your Mummy do for her job?

Sells cards to people

14. What is your Mummy’s favourite food?

Mashed potatoes, sausages, and peas (of course it’s not, it’s ice cream, but I devour that after she’s gone to bed!)

15. What makes you proud of your Mummy

I love you

16. If your Mummy was a cartoon character, who would she be?


17. What do you and your Mummy do together?

Bead-making and hugs

18. How are you and your Mummy the same?

Same when we were small

19. How are you and your mummy different?

Mummy’s got brown hair, mine’s changing a bit to brown

20. How do you know your Mummy loves you?

Because she gives me hugs and kisses a lot

21. What does your Mummy like most about your Daddy?

Loads and loads of hugs

22. Where is your Mummy’s favourite place to go?

The seaside

I did enjoy doing this, as her answers were sometimes surprising and random! But, I don’t think I enjoyed doing this as much as Boo did – she wants to be interviewed daily from now on, so send any journalists our way, please!

I now tag Mary at Over 40 and a Mum to One and Sam at And Then The Fun Began, if they’d like to interview their 4 year olds, too!

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47 thoughts on “An Interview With Boo, Age 4 Years Old”

  1. I love, love little kid interviews. So innocent and sweet. I can’t wait to do them with my two when they can comprehend what I am asking. buba is almost there. lol So sweet she thinks of you as Belle the character. Pure beauty and love! She is so funny too. Love that you would be fine for being famous. I wouldn’t hahaha Thanks for linking up to Share With Me, I love your post every week and getting to know more of you and your beautiful family! #sharewithme

    1. I really had fun with this one, as some of her responses were so random, and she took it so seriously! Glad you enjoyed reading, and thanks for hosting x

    1. Ah, yes! It’s because we often chat about the princesses and she likes to know everyone’s favourites and why πŸ™‚

  2. I love that she thinks you are very old and do a lot of cleaning – so cute and funny. I dread to think what my 6 year old would say about me ha. Lovely post and my first time at your gorgeous website (why, oh why!) xxx #sharewithme

    1. I know! How rude, and sadly, if the kids do go out, I do tend to seize the opportunity to clean. Very dull! Thanks for dropping by then and do come back soon πŸ™‚

  3. Oh those answers are lovely! I love it that Boo knows you love her because you give her lots and lots of hugs – I really do think hugs make the world go round x

  4. This is the cutest interview I have ever read! I have a very similar questionnaire for Father’s day (Crevette’s answers about his dad were so sweet last year!) but would never have thought of making it a blog post… genius! x Mel

  5. I love this idea! Such a great way to get kids to think and nice to turn the tables and ask THEM lots of questions instead! I’d be tempted to pop a few “Why?”s in there too! πŸ˜€
    x x

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