Introducing Num Noms!

Today I’m excited to be sharing with you all about Num Noms, as they launch here in the UK, after causing a sensation over in the US.

Num Noms

Num Noms are scented food related collectibles which appear in the form of mini lip glosses and motorised characters.

Take a Num, the outer, soft, squishy, hollow characters, and nestle it on top of a Nom, the inner, hard-shelled characters that are either motorised to scoot around, or filled with flavoured lip gloss. Pile them high for wacky combos or race them against each other with friends.

With over 1,000 mix and match combinations, such as Raspberry Cream,Banana Go-Go or Peachy Choco Gloss, go crazy and collect them all! Collect by flavour, scent, colour, type – the combinations are endless.

Over on the website you’ll be able to find out more, along with a printable check-list of the Num Noms you have and those that you still want along with colouring sheets, activities and a Recipe Maker. Plenty to do!

Here’s more about them from my girl, who’ll show you them in action….

Parents Verdict

First impressions are good in that the Num Noms come easily out of their packaging, without fiddly straps or being individually attached. The ‘Nom’ is motorized and comes with a battery included so it is ready to play with immediately. Two huge ticks straight away from me, as these two things are so often my bug bears with new toys.

They appear to be well made, the rubber of the ‘Nums’ being strong and flexible and the ‘Nom’ has already buzzed off many a table and worktop and has come through unscathed.

Num Noms are undoubtedly cute. They are quirky, and they do smell nice, each one with a very individual and discernible scent. They are appealing and I like them.

The problem for me with these is that once opened, sniffed and ‘ooohed’ over, I could see no more playability with them. Well, that’s where it’s clear that I’m just an old parent and know nothing at all about these things, as the kids think…..

Children’s Verdict

These are unlike anything that Boo has, and as such she’s been utterly fascinated by them and as has Little Man. They are so very cute to look at and play with, and she’s carried them around with her everywhere since getting them last week.

It seems that you can easily play with them, and play with them a lot. The kids play shops with them, they play at eating them, they play whilst chatting away to them, they get the characters interacting with one another, they stack the Nums on the Nom in different combinations, they watch the Nom motoring all over the place. Seriously, I honestly did not anticipate how much they would, or even could, play with these, but they are most definitely a hit here.

Boo also studies the collectibles sheet that comes with them, a whole range of Num Noms that she has yet to own. That sheet could be very costly to me!!


To celebrate the launch, I do have a Deluxe Set of Num Noms and 2 Mystery Pots available for one of my lucky readers. To be in with a chance of winning them, please enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition closes 28th April 2016 Β at 12am and is open to UK entrants only. Good luck!

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What do you think ofΒ Num Noms?

Disclosure: We received this set FOC for the purposes of this post

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125 thoughts on “Introducing Num Noms!”

  1. I think that my girls would love them in the same way as shopkins – Im sure the lipgloss factor would massively appeal to my 8 year old!!!

  2. Philip Underwood

    My daughter absolutely adores Num Noms! She has watched almost every video on YouTube and when we went shopping today we saw them. She instantly fell in love with them them and bought one. She now hopes to continue her collection, so this would be a great prize! I hope that I would be lucky enough to win the prize for her!

  3. I think they are a really good idea , the lipgloss idea is great , they can play swaps with them , love the idea that they are scented . I will definitely be getting some for my daughter I am certain she would love to collect them

  4. I clicked on your blog link thinking what on earth on Num Noms?! And now I know, haha!
    They’re so super cute, they remind me of little figurines that would be the craze at school when we were little, my little sister would adore these! They’re like Littlest Pet Shops, Shopkins, etc. but with cuter faces, haha.
    Good luck in the giveaway, everyone! x

  5. I think my grand daughter will love them, but I think they will drive her mum mad as she will want to collect them

  6. Michelle Cheeseman

    Very cute and love the fact that they are scented! I’m sure my Daughter will want to start collecting them! : )

  7. Nicola Marshall

    I think they are going to cost me a fortune just like them shopkins have, and even more so as they come with a lip gloss which my daughter is mad on!

  8. my daughter is driving me wild about these, they remind me a bit of shopkins but they look bigger than I first thought, but really cute and the motorised action makes them unusual compared to normal small collectables, I think they look really good.x

  9. I think these num noms are very cute and VERY popular! πŸ™‚ My little girl is obsessed when the num noms advert comes on tv lol

  10. I think they look fab! My daughter loves collecting things and I really think that they could take over the Shopkins collection ??

  11. I think they are look fairly good toys with the added bonus of a lip balm inside, My daughter is fascinated by them and has been watching You tube videos of people that have them. Would love to get some for her to play with

  12. I really like the look of them. They are super cute and I love that they are scented. I think my boy would love them too πŸ™‚ x

  13. I think almost every little girl will love them.There are so many to collect,they’re cute and also scented what’s not to like.I think it’s definitely a case of move over Shopkins,there’s a new kid in town !

  14. My daughter loves shopkins and these seem to be the next craze which everyone loves. I know she would love them… I like the fact that they are scented too.

  15. I think they look fab and my daughter would have hours of fun with them. I’d love to smell the different fragrances and help my daughter to collect them

  16. I think the kids will adore them and the adults will be thinking another thing to collect i need to rob a bank πŸ˜‰

  17. my daughter was going nuts for these,i bought 2 packs Β£30 nearly choked at the price of them,however she plays with them endlessly,only downside is the noms need batteries,so two days of play and they ran out!!going to be more expense replacing batteries πŸ™ with over 1000 to collect its going to be very expensive!!

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