Introducing Pipsticks!

As it’s Wednesday, that means it’s a Bring Back Paper day on the blog today. As such, I’ve decided to bring you 2 new papery delights today. The first, which I’ll tell you all about in just a moment is about a new sticker club (and I have a coupon code!) then do be sure to pop by later today as I’ll also be sharing with you details of a brand new children’s magazine.

So, you want to hear all about this sticker club then? OK, I’m delighted to be telling you about Pipsticks today. Founded by mum of three Maureen Vazquez, Pipsticks is a sticker club subscription service. It’s about bringing exciting post to our little ones once a month, and you know how I feel about the joys of happy mail! And, whilst I’d say that Pipsticks is aimed at children, as a sticker-fan myself, I can see these also being useful and popular with fellow snail-mailers and #PostCircle members.

The Pipsticks are sent monthly, and arrive in rather colourful and funky packaging….

Pipsticks The Reading ResidenceLovely to receive such pretty and welcoming looking post, and Boo was eager to dive in…

Pipsticks The Reading Residence

Each month, there will be 15 sheets of stickers, a postcard and some paper…

Pipsticks contents

Sets are suitable for boys and girls, and the stickers are easily manageable for little hands. Boo got busy sticking on her postcard to send to her friend…

Boo Pipsticks creating

And Little Man loved choosing and selecting his stickers, too!

Little Man and Pipsticks

It kept them both happy and busy for a while!

Pipsticks The Reading Residence

The children really like stickers, and these provided them with a great variety to play and create with. Boo loved the postcard, and was so excited to go and post it to her friend. We’ve also made a bookmark for her since, covering some card with a stickers collage. Little Man, as you can tell by his happy little face there, always enjoys stickering, and will actually sit and do it for a while (not many things hold his attention!). The quality of the stickers is really good, as we didn’t have a single torn one, and they peeled away easily from their backs, which helps as the kids can get frustrated when they can’t peel them off for themselves.

Subscription prices start from $15, plus $3 for international shipping – you can find out more here.

Personally, I think with my two being quite young, that the $18 monthly is too much to justify on stickers. That said, they really enjoyed having their post and they are great stickers, so it might be something I treat them to as one-off now and then. And as a treat for myself, well, that would be well worth it…..!

Do you like the look of Pipsticks and want to try them yourself? Well, I’m delighted to say that I’ve got a coupon code for you. You will receive your first month free on any Club or Family subscription if you enter the code READING at checkout. Enjoy!

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