Introducing The Books And Brew Club

Today I have exciting news! My brother and I have joined forces to launch a new venture together and today I want to share more about it and introduce you to our Books and Brew Club

OK, a little background.

My brother and I have been saying for years that we would like to work together on something. Years!

And then a few weeks ago, my brother came up with an idea that seemed to perfectly blend our passions and experience, and the Books and Brew Club was born.

If you’re a regular reader here, you will know that I love to read. And more than that, I love to help others to get their papery moments, too.

Bring Back Paper has been running, and growing, for several years now and I think most of you would know me as someone who loves running a papery business. I am very enthusiastic!

But you probably know a lot less about my brother.

Well, my brother loves coffee. Loves it! Oh, the independent coffee shops we have been in together over the years, far too many to count.

A few years ago, he took the plunge and pursued his dream of owning and running his own coffee shop and he’s been happily doing that ever since. 

Both of us have experience with running our own businesses, marketing, social media and websites. And then the books and brews just seemed to be the perfect match for us! 

Books and Brew Club is a way for us to help people to grab a moment or two of calm each month. Time so slow down, relax and enjoy a good book with a delicious brew.

It’s super simple, people order a coffee or tea box, and then they can choose a book genre (select crime, romance or literary) or opt for a surprise genre, and that’s it!

The books are good quality pre-loved, the brews are ethically sourced, with biodegradable tea bags, as we want people’s me-time to be a sustainable choice. There are enough brews for 5 servings, and the drinks change every single month. 

Parcels are posted mid-month every month, and should fit through most letter boxes. 

Boxes can be ordered as one-offs, as gifts, or people can save money by subscribing. 

Simple. And exciting!

The first launch brews look absolutely delicious (you can find out about the tea here and the coffee here) and it’s great to be working with these suppliers. 

There’s also the added fun of the 12 Month Challenge, open to absolutely everyone, to help and encourage people who might not read as much as they’d like to, to get into that reading habit. You know how passionate I am about this! 

Of course, I already like to send papery packages out monthly, through our Patreon memberships. This now gives me another opportunity to be surrounding myself with paper, and I can’t wait to personally select everyone’s book each month. They’ll all be hand wrapped by me, and I am already looking forward to this point in my month! 

Aside from my own joy, I am thrilled to be able to offer yet another papery option to the Bring Back Paper community. And I love the idea of supplying books with brews, as I think it’s the ultimate in switching off and taking some me-time. 

So there you have it, the Books and Brew Club. Pop over and see how it all works and do let me know what you think! 

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