Introducing The Polar Loop 2

The Husband and I have new gadgets, thanks to Polar. We now each have a Polar Loop 2 and a Polar H7 heart rate sensor.

Today I am going to share with you a little about the Polar Loop 2 along with our initial thoughts on them.


The Polar Loop 2 is an activity tracker. It monitors how many steps I take each day, lets me know how many calories I’ve burned, tracks my sleep time and quality, creates and updates on an activity goal and includes smart notifications. It’s impressive just how much this slim little band on my wrist can do.  In addition to these key features, it is also a watch.

Here you can read the full list of Polar Loop 2 features.

Polar Loop 2

We’ve both been using these for a few weeks now, so have had a chance to get used to them and come up with what we like about them and what we’re not as keen on….

What we like:
The concept. We like to see what we’re doing each day, set goals and use them as motivators.

The appearance. I’m happy to be wearing the Polar Loop 2 as I think it looks stylish. It is adjusted to fit me perfectly, has a stainless steel clasp and I do like the white. The display screen is clear to see and handy to have a digital bright screen, though it can sometimes be tricky to see in bright sunlight. The Husband’s Loop 2 is black with a red display and also nice and clear.

Ease of set up. The Husband adjusted each of our bands using the instructions provided, I then set up each band on the PC and we were good to go. It took just a few minutes to do each Polar Loop 2 this way and we were then all set.

Fast charging. There is a reminder message that scrolls on the Loop 2 itself when it needs charging. It needs a full charge every 6-7 days, and it charges up quickly. I try to do it of an evening when I’m sitting down so as not to lose any steps being recorded!

Choice of activity levels. On setting up the Loop 2, there is an option to set your normal activity level, based on the descriptions given. This is then used to tailor activity goals for you, that are then tracked.

Ability to connect with others. I can see what the Husband’s activity is like and vice versa. You can opt to follow people’s progress, which I can see as being a useful motivator.

Sleep monitoring. With two young kids, sleep isn’t that easy to come by here. The Husband has personal goals of trying to get more and more sleep each night!

What we’re not as keen on:
The app. For some reason I cannot sync my tracker to my phone app at all, though I did download it without problems. Whilst this is a little frustrating, it doesn’t detract from how the product itself works. On the flip-side, the Husband has the app on his phone and he tells me that it drains his battery.

Reminder to move. After 55 minutes of sitting down, which I do like to do of an evening at some point!, my tracker tells me that it is time to move. No, it is not. Let me rest!

It replaces a watch. To be honest, this could fit in both sections, as for me, this is fine as I wasn’t wearing a watch before so this is now useful to have. The Husband however does like his watches and has several, so he doesn’t wear his Loop 2 all of the time, giving him a chance to wear his other watches.


My very favourite thing? The fact that we both have one. The Husband is always telling me how he’s on his feet all day at work, and I’m sure he is. But it seems he underestimated how much I do, too, as every single day that we’ve worn these so far, I’ve done more steps than him. Every. Single. Day. It’s worth having them just for that little victory…..

It’s still early days, so I’ll share a couple more updates with you in the coming weeks on how we’re getting on with these and letting you know more about the Polar H7 heart rate sensor. I’m hoping that they motivate us to get moving and get fitter. I will report back.

Disclosure: We have received these products FOC for the purposes of these posts, though all words and opinions remain our own 

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