Introducing toogiez

We’ve recently been introduced to toogiez, the playable, wearable, stickable sidekicks….


toogiez are a match made in heaven – adorable, collectible plushies that stick to comfy, stylish, specially designed t-shirts. Attached securely and displayed proudly, toogiez are a child’s best friend, wearable sidekick and constant companion.

It’s a cute concept. A toogy is a little plush friend that attaches to a t-shirt, and are designed for 2-8 years olds. Boo was very excited when she first saw hers, which says it all, I think. There’s a great novelty factor with these, and the lovely idea that you’re carrying a little friend around with you. Boo’s called her toogy Rapunzel, and they are now firm friends…

toogiez Boo 1

The t-shirt has a velcro patch on, which when the toogy is not affixed, is a pretty heart shape that blends in with the design…

toogiez Boo

The toogiez are soft and well made, and I like the range of them available and their designs. The t-shirt itself feels soft, washes well, and my favourite clothing feature – it irons easily!

The design we have received is a prototype, and there are many more in the pipeline, along with a variety of toogiez..


You can buy all sorts of toogiez combinations, from 1 t-shirt with 3 toogiez, all the way through to a total toogiez set.

It’s an exciting business venture for two good friends and mums, Noa C and Noa S who have toogiez on Kickstarter now, so as well as having a toogiez, you can be part of the toogiez story!


You can find out more about toogiez and how they came to be over on Kickstarter, and we at The Reading Residence wish them the best of luck, as we think this is a really sweet and fun idea.

Disclosure: We received a toogiez top and toogy FOC for the purposes of this review. As always, words and opinions remain my own.

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