Is Blogging the Best Job in the World?

Is blogging the best job in the world? Hmm, not that I’m biased or anything, but I think it comes close for me.

The Ambition

I read a survey recently about the jobs that the next generation are most keen to do. Being a blogger made it into the top five on that list. It’s funny as when I was little, this wasn’t even a thing, people barely even had computers back then let alone the World Wide Web!

My kids see me doing this, but I have to say, they’ve not expressed any desire to be bloggers. Maybe they see the time that goes into it?! Currently, the 7 year old wants to be an RSPCA vet and the 4 year old wants to be a zookeeper. Or a superhero ideally. These change regularly, of course.

Getting The Job

There is no application process for this one. You needn’t spend hours polishing up your CV before becoming a blogger and no previous qualifications are needed. Anyone can start a blog, often for free, though if you’re in this for the long haul and the job, best to pay a little at the outset for self hosting and then you’re away. Yes, you need to be prepared to spend hours reading and making sense of this whole new world, getting used to so many social media platforms and putting yourself out there with your posts and chatting and connecting, but it is something that anyone can do, right now.

The Downsides

There are downsides to being a blogger. Days can be spent chasing up emails, invoices or dealing with technical issues. None of these are my favourite things to do, and I am all about the front end of blogging, the stuff that you guys see rather than the tech-side. You might be unfortunate and get hacked which from personal experience is hours of stress and worry.

Sometimes inspiration simply does not strike when you’re sat there, fingers poised over the keyboard and that can be very frustrating especially if it’s a post you need to write. And though this may be something that I need to get better at myself, it is a tricky job to turn off. There are no set hours and with social media forming a big part of it, you can be working every day from first thing in the morning into the evening and through holidays, though it’s up to you to pick your time.

The work and income is rarely predictable. You might have a few contracts or clients for longer term work which allows you to predict it, but more often than not, things change month to month. Building several income streams is the way to go here, I’m working on it!

The Job Itself

But then there is the good stuff.

1. Being your own boss and getting to choose the projects that you work on. If I like something, I say yes, if I don’t I turn it down, simple as that. Aside from collaborations (pretty important as it keeps me paid!) I can then write as I please.

2. I can work in my pyjamas and it’s totally OK. In fact a close friend of mine makes a good living sharing pics of herself in her dressing gown! (she does do a lot more than this, I hasten to add, but that dressing gown is definitely a star all on its own).

3. Your family get to experience things that they wouldn’t necessarily do otherwise. We have been to so many theme parks, shows, minibreaks and attractions that to be honest, we wouldn’t have been able to afford if not for me blogging about them, and some we simply wouldn’t have known about or thought to try. On top of that, there are the latest products that we get sent to review and share, which is always fun.

4. There’s no daily commute. Sometimes there might be travelling to an event or meeting, but see point 1 there – only if you choose to do that work.

5. The camaraderie. The blogging community is a wonderful place. You know people even when you don’t know people, and then some people you really do get to know and they become friends.

6. For me, as it’s a big part of my blog and social media, I get stationery sent to me. Enough said.

7. You get to spend time on Pinterest and Instagram and it is called ‘work’. Yep, you’re totally justified in spending hours there.

8. People read you. Some people actually listen to what you have to say. Now, I’m not delusional here as I am sure no-one would notice if I didn’t blog for weeks, but there are people who connect with you through what you write, and connecting is always a lovely thing.

9. It is fun. Yes, there are days when it’s as I mentioned above, but on the whole the job is fun. Take a few things I’ve done over the past couple of weeks in the name of work; read some books that I wanted to share here, vlogged about all the fab things I’ve received in the post, chatted on Instragam and baked a cake. Not bad.

10. The flexibility. This is the biggie. I can book out holidays whenever I want to, go to as many school workshops and assemblies as they throw at me, be there on every school-run, down tools for half term, write after the kids go to bed, work as the kids are playing around me, put as many hours in as I have available and then slow it down when I’ve other things I need to do. This makes it completely fabulous to me.

What do you think? Is blogging the best job in the world?

Is Blogging the Best Job in the World?

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14 thoughts on “Is Blogging the Best Job in the World?”

  1. Great post! I think you’re right Jocelyn, if you’re someone who enjoys writing, photography etc., there can be few better jobs (especially with children to fit around). For me at the moment it’s still really a ‘hobby’, as I don’t earn anything from it – but writing is something I would love to turn into a job one day. Like you, I’m not that keen on the tech stuff and going self hosted is something I could probably do with investigating (there is such a lot to learn!) My kids love the fact that Mummy does blogging, they currently hope to grow up to be YouTube vloggers talking about video games like some of their heroes! We might need to work on a back up plan:)

    1. Thanks! Oh, there’s load to learn and always is, I can’t imagine I’ll ever feel that I have it all figured out! My girl loves telling people that she’s on YouTube 🙂

  2. I like your list. Had to smile at number 6. I love blogging, but have never taken the leap to go full time and give up the day job. I do like the opportunities it brings. I cannot lie, and it’s nice to say “Yes” to the ones I like. Some lovely PR people out there.

    It’s also made me keep a record of our family life, which I know I would never have done quite so regularly unless I was blogging. Also a big part for me, is connecting with people that I would never have met in the real world. Ideas exchanged. I have no idea if it is the best job, but it is fun to blog.

    1. Ah yes, number 6! I love the connections that blogging brings you,so easy to find likeminded people, and equally, to find different opinions that get you thinking. It’s a great community.

  3. I enjoyed this post Jocelyn, thanks! The flexibility must be worth a lot. I’m so glad I found your blog some time ago.
    Number 6: Enough Said indeed 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

  4. I’m amazed that blogging is in the top five!

    I don’t earn money from Story Snug but blogging allows me to be flexible with my time, be my own boss and be there for all the important school events. Maybe one day I’ll look into earning money from blogging but for now I love the creativity it gives me and the friends that I have made through blogging 🙂

  5. That’s nice! I’m starting to blog now, but I don’t even dream about making this my full time job yet, it’s nice to know that it is possible though.
    I’ve visited your website a few times before for ideas, but I never made a comment before. I just want you to know that you have an amazing website with lots of good material, and that you’ve helped me a lot, and continue to do so.

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