Is Luvanto a Reliable Flooring Choice?

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It is a question that gets asked by everyone who is contemplating layering their home with luxury vinyl flooring and trying to choose the right brand. Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a high-market brand that is a bit more expensive than other vinyl products in the market, but for good reason.

It’s no secret that people choose vinyl for its low cost, durability and ease in installation – but why are vinyl tiles and its vast ranges in styles and palettes a much more satisfactory choice?

People choose vinyl flooring based on their tastes and lifestyles, and Luvanto is the brand that adds a whole new layer to that. 

Light/Dark Woods

The most popular Luvanto is undoubtedly their selection of either light natural woods or broody dark wood feels for flooring.

This is still a much cheaper option than having real hardwood flooring and does not come with the hassle of cumbersome installation, wood chippings or scarring of wood through the movement of furniture. Having the floor with a light wood feel gives a sense of a natural environment, a fresh feel whilst dark wood gives a sophisticated and rich reflection designed to impress.

With so many styles to choose from, it’s no wonder that Luvanto flooring has something for everyone.


Stone flooring throughout the home is where luxury vinyl flooring excels.

Naturally, the benefits of stone-styled luxury vinyl come within that cost of implementation factor, as there is no risk of chipped stone like the real counterpart. That ease of installing and taking out individual sections means you would not disrupt your floor or need a stone cut specific to fit within the confines.

Replicating the look of graphene, slate or concrete, Luvanto can give your areas a look of being built on stone, which is a joy for visitors and a highlight of your class.


Those looking for a unique spin on their home can choose to mix designs up between rooms. No product can pull off this kind of design flow like Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

If your kitchen and dining area are large enough, having a mixture of designs and tones gives the space an identity of two different environments. This does not necessarily mean mixing woods and stone throughout the floor, but mixing up designs with one half of the room with a funky crossed design whilst the other has a straight design can give your home a pulse. Who says things have to have in order in your home?

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, such as grey parquet flooring, is a product that takes pride in being the best at providing the best. If you want to get a little extra, pay a little extra and have high-quality flooring throughout your home, it is a reliable flooring solution that brings identity to your home.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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