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Isolation Activities For All The Family

As a household, we’ve been isolating for over a week now. We’ve been trying to strike that balance of resting up and getting well, and keeping ourselves occupied. A tricky balance, but I think we’re just about managing it. 

For others in a similar situation, I thought I’d share a few things that we’ve been getting up to, in the hope it helps you to relieve some of isolation monotony. 

Us adults

Well, I say ‘us’, but as the Husband is continuing to work, albeit from home, it’s mainly me that needs stuff to do.

I have of course been working here and on my Patreon memberships, and then in addition to that I have been reading lots and lots. Always a treat, and whilst I’d like to say I have made a dent in my TBR pile, I have of course also bought new books to cheer myself, so no, no dent made at all! 

Along with working and relaxing and the usual household stuff, I have also got the kids’ new uniforms all tried on, labelled and ready in their wardrobes. We also sorted their school bags and pencil cases out ready for the new term. 

Whilst doing that, I moved on to full wardrobe clear-outs, shoes, coats the lot. I know it’s not scintillating, but it’s a job that is now done!

My thinking is that while we can’t go out, we should get everything done that needs doing at home, so we can relax and enjoy the rest of the break.

I’ve been looking after and propagating my house plants. And I might have ordered a new one, too. They lift the spirits!

I have started to make plans and book up the remainder of the holidays. I am keen that we make the most of the time. We have had to cancel our holiday (we should be on our way there now, I am trying not to think about that!) so I have managed to book us a last minute overnight stay just so we can at least get to the seaside that we’ve been craving all year. 

plants on stand

The kids

There has been more screen time than usual as we’ve let them spend a little more time gaming each day than we normally would. This will balance out when we are free as I mean to make the most of our freedom and make up for lost holiday time when we can get out and about again!

When the weather has allowed, they have been out playing football in the garden. We have also spent time out there rock painting.

We bought them paint by stickers books that have gone down a treat, many an hour has been spent on them. A new play doh set has been well received and some art kits.  

They have FaceTimed their friends, keeping them a bit sociable!

They have made a den and crawled in to chat and read in there. Herbie joined them. 

We have then got the paints out, jigsaw puzzles, colouring books, board games, books and various other toys. There has also been a lot of music, singing loudly and making up their own songs.

Most of all, they have just played together, giggled together and made a lot of noise together! 

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All of us

We have then all been enjoying watching the Olympics and we’ve been playing with Herbie to try to make up for him not being able to go for his walks. Along with his toys, we’ve had him scent training and using his snuffle mat. 

We have had movie nights, which I have to say have been lacking for the Husband and I as we can’t taste anything so movie night treats and snacks are pointless!

We’ve enjoyed sitting out and chatting in the sunshine. When it shines, to get a little fresh air and vitamin D. 

We have discussed getting new pets. At length. To sum up, the Husband doesn’t want any, Little Man is keen but lacks conviction and Boo is very enthusiastic but can’t quite commit. I think Herbie and the fish are going to be enough for now!

And that’s just about it. Exciting times, eh?

It’s a funny one, as of course underneath this isolation is the fact that we are not well. So tasks have to be balanced with our health and well-being and resting up. But then we haven’t wanted to do nothing, I like to feel we have achieved something with all of this time at home. The balance seems to be working. Who knows, maybe we’ll look back on this time in a few weeks fondly? Maybe. 

What would you do with your time? 

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2 thoughts on “Isolation Activities For All The Family”

  1. I hope you are all feeling OK.
    It is hard isolating but it sounds like things are going OK. It sounds like you’ve been busy. You are so organised with all of the school stuff. At least if it’s all done now you don’t have to worry about it when you’re not isolating. x

    1. Thanks, Kim. Yes, exactly that, I wanted everything done and out of the way so that we can get out and enjoy ourselves when we’re able to x

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