It Seems They’re Growing Up

The kids and I went out recently. Which under recent circumstances was actually unusual. We’d forgotten about going out, it’s been a while.

It was an uneventful trip, nothing to tell really. So why am I talking about it? Because it was uneventful, that’s just it.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, the kids have grown up quite a bit. I’m not too sure when it happened.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they’ve never been particularly outrageous or wild when we’re out and about, but there’s usually a moment or two when I have a quiet word. But nope, not a whisper this time.

Over the past year, they’ve both grown up a lot. Whether the brevity of those months has played a part, or whether they’re simply getting to those ages now, who knows, but they certainly seem older, wiser.

My girl is in her final term at primary school. She looks much older, has it been all of a sudden? Maybe, it sneaked up on me.

I search her face to see that four year old little ball of energy that started school and I’m not sure I see her there any more. It’s bittersweet as I love seeing the person she is growing into, but then I do miss that little face. 

She is ready to take that next step to secondary school, a school that she is excited to attend. It’s a new adventure that she is looking forward to. But then, I see that she is also reluctant to let go, let go of the familiar, her wonderful group of friends, the teachers she knows and loves. I get that, I feel much the same way about it all for her.

My son still likes to be the younger one, the one who can act up a bit more. He is so good at pushing buttons, it’s a real talent! But his maturity has struck me lately, too. 

He is taking more responsibility for himself and I’ve noticed he’s been more helpful around the house. Our chats sometimes take me by surprise as he can be so articulate and insightful, reminding me that he’s growing up. 

They both had good parents’ evenings last week, nothing but positive things said about both of them. And the key for me, they remain kind, friendly and popular with their classmates so I know they are out there in the world being good people. 

They’ve got to those ages where I can relax when I spend time with them, they’re good company. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed them!, but when they’re smaller it can be hard work, and now it’s simply not. 

Have I reached peak parenthood? That precious slice of time in between the exhausting early years and the challenging teen years?! If so, do not tell me, let me enjoy it all in ignorant bliss! 

I don’t want to turn back time, I have been there and enjoyed every week with them and watched them growing. I look forward to seeing what’s to come for them, the people they are becoming. But maybe, maybe, I would just like it to slow down a little, stall it here and there so that I can make the most of every moment. That does seem like a reasonable request, doesn’t it? 

Anyone out there with a time machine? I’m coming for you Mcfly…. 

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