It’s Dry – Get On Out There!

I don’t know about where you are, but it’s been raining here. A lot! I’d been enjoying autumn and all of it’s changes until this past week, but I do not like the rain. Cold I can do – we just wrap up a warmer and still get on out there. But I’m not one for trips to the park in the rain, sorry, I just don’t enjoy it. Boo doesn’t like getting wet either, and though Little Man is pretty oblivious, he doesn’t help matters by fighting to take his raincover off or pull his hood down!

This is not to say that we don’t have plenty of fun indoors when it’s raining, as we do. It challenges me to be more creative with our time! But it does mean that when it stops raining, and we get a brief respite from it, I grab the kids and get out! Which is exactly what we did when we woke and it was actually dry one day this week, so we headed to a local playground to make the most of it.



We played in the playground, then walked back to the car via the woods, where we chatted about the trees that we could see and name, and Boo was excited to spot a squirrel running up one of them. Both children enjoyed grabbing a few sticks and leaves from the ground, and then had to have the obligatory sit down on a bench that we were passing.


We weren’t out for long, but it did feel good. Fresh air, outdoor space and a little nature-collecting. I think we all needed it 🙂

Hope you’re managing to get out, even for just an hour to save your sanity!

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28 thoughts on “It’s Dry – Get On Out There!”

  1. Oh you are so right, getting out there is so important so yay for dry days. Last weekend I managed to get mine out in the drizzle purely because they could hear church bells (we’ve only moved here a few weeks ago) so we went out to see where they were coming from and found the most lovely village church just five minutes away 🙂 We’ve yet to find our nearest playground though

  2. I remember when my pair were this age, we just had to get out in the fresh air. It was like we had cabin fever when there were endless days of rain. Certainly need to make the most of the dry spells.

    Thanks for visiting me earlier and your kind comments. Truly is a beautiful place to visit and we are so lucky in that it is just 30 mins away.

  3. Glad to hear you managed to get a dry spell to enjoy the park and woods – I can see the children had a lovely time and I’m sure it was what you all needed after all the rain. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  4. You are so right – even an hour out and about can make the difference between grumpy, het up kids and (almost) chilled out ones! Hope you manage to get out and about some more this week x

  5. ‘It’s dry, get on out there’ is exactly what I am saying when it’s dry for longer than 5 minutes. Being outside makes everyone so much happier and relaxed…

  6. i could not agree with you more. i try to get out everyday and do i think unless it is torrential rain or freeeeeezing cold! even a short spell out doors is wort it because it does us all good. i love how happy your two look to be at the park – its their faces which makes it worth doing isnt it? x

    1. It really does. They clearly adore it, and it’s so important. We feel brighter for it, even if just a short spell, as you say.

    1. Yes, I think that’s the problem. We’ve had nice weather so have got used to going all the time, and now rain is stopping play! But if it’s dry – we’re there!

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