I’ve Made a Big Decision

Yes, I’ve come to a decision. And it feels quite momentous, like today is a really big day for me. I suppose it is.

I’ve decided to close down my Phoenix cards business. I know it’s the right thing to do, but it still feels odd. I think it’s because I started this business when I was desperately trying to find a way of staying at home with Boo when she was a baby and being able to carve out a life at home with her. And I did. That was nearly 4 years ago now, so this business has been with me through the baby years and I associate it with a big change in my life. And, of course, I still love the products. That hasn’t changed and I can’t imagine it ever doing so. I’m actually compiling a huge list of cards, wrap and stationery that I’ll be buying before I cease trading!

But what will I do? You may have already spotted that I blog a fair bit. It’s like an addiction for me now! I love the interaction within the community, I enjoy reading other blogs, I care about supporting others, though I’m still a total newbie myself. I’m so happy to see that this passion of mine is actually bringing in opportunities, for my family and I, and it felt like crunch time. I juggle a fair few things here, wear a few too many hats, and so I have decided that something has to give in order for me to pursue more, both with my own beloved blog, and also freelancing opportunities.

So, whilst it’s with sadness I close Jocelyn’s Cards down, it is with excitement that I look to the future. The plan is for it to be a slow burn. Keep writing here, pitch the odd idea and look for writing work elsewhere so building up my portfolio, ready for the point when I have a little more time on my hands when the kids are a little older. That’s the plan, but of course, me being me, I’ve had a couple of article ideas that I plan to pitch this week (well, they’re in my head, so it seems a shame to waste them) and I’ve spotted a couple of gaps within some local businesses that I feel I can help with – might as well offer up some help! And so it is onwards and upwards, I hope, and if I don’t try it, then I’ll never know, will I? I may even have bought myself a cheeky little Prosecco to celebrate this new beginning, too 😉

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It does seem only right that I offer a few buys to my lovely readers, who have brought me this far on my new journey and whom I hope will continue onwards with me. So, I’m popping some packs together, that you can order with me just by tweeting or emailing me at [email protected].

Kids mix pack of cards £10 for 10

Adults mix pack of cards £10 for 10 (generally speaking, probably be 7 ladies & 3 mens cards in them)

A surprise! Take a chance and get a mixed bag of gorgeous cards, wrap and stationery (I promise it’ll all be discounted!) for £25

I also have loads of card samples, some of which I’ll use for crafting with the kids, but I have A LOT, so shout if you could make use of those.

Postage £2.50 for all packs, however many you buy, it’ll just be the one postage amount. I can take payment via Paypal, bank transfer, or cheque.

You can, of course, order anything else you like from my website this month, and be aware I’m placing my final order with Head Office on 24th may.

So, goodbye Phoenix, hello new world! Please wish me luck…

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70 thoughts on “I’ve Made a Big Decision”

  1. Big decisions, big decisions! Well done for taking the jump and focusing on your lovely children and fab blog. I will be emailing you an order 🙂 x Mel

  2. Totally understand. Thank you for all your lovely cards and papery thingys over the past year or so.

    Goodluck for the future and your new adventures.

    Sarah xXx

  3. Times change and it seems like you’re heading in a direction which suits your current life. I love your updated blog and can see that you’ll also have increasing opportunities with it.

    1. Thanks very much, Kriss. Yes, times have changed, and this feels like the right thing to do now x

  4. It’s called Phoenix which means it may come back for you in years to come when you want to maybe resurrect it. I had my eye on the cards with Westies on-they’ve been on my Amazon wishlist a while now but sadly I still don’t have a job so can’t be blowing money on them. I’d not seen any like those designs anywhere else. It’s best to concentrate fully on something, though.

    1. Very true. Yes, I feel better knowing I can concentrate more on blogging and writing, now, along with the family, of course!

  5. After seeing your Instagram I figured this was on the cards (sorry!)……I don’t blame you-so many other opportunities for you to explore. I wish you the very best xx

  6. It must be sad giving up something which you are so passionate about but I can see you have already made a huge success of blogging, and I hope many opportunities pass your way!

  7. You sound like you’ve made the right decision for you. It’s a shame as I’ve just started trading with Phoenix, but I can see why you’re stopping. Good luck with your future choices.

    1. Oh, you’ll love it. I’m sure, as I have done. But this makes more sense for me now, I think. I hope!

  8. Fairplay for making such a big decision. Not that it’s wholly relevant but I used to have a small ironing business when I started blogging, nothing grand just me working from home making a few extra pounds. When I gave it up to concentrate on blogging (that I was loving a lot) it felt scary but in hindsight it was the best decision xxx

  9. Ooh I remember closing down my Phoenix business – I made a massive loss – I was a rubbish sales person! 🙂 It did feel a bit sad to see it go though as the products are lovely. Good luck with everything in the pipeline – I’m sure you’ll be like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the former business! (Apologies if someone has beaten me to this one, I haven’t had a chance to read through all the comments!) X

    1. Ha ha – I’m not making a loss! The products are lovely, and I’m making sure I’m well-stocked up before finishing! Great pun, well done 😉 Thank you x

  10. Well done for making the decision. It’s always hard to make a change. I believe that if your gut instinct tells you it’s the right decision, then go with it. How wonderful, I look forward to watching you grow even further in your blogging and writing career x

    1. My gut is definitely telling me, and like you, I always trust it. Let’s see where it takes me this time! Thanks very much x

  11. Well done you! I’m also investing more time & effort in my writing to see where it gets me! I feel nervous saying it out loud so fair play to you for writing it down!! Best of luck!

    1. I know what you mean, but I think writing it down makes me feel more determined & committed somehow!

  12. I wish you all the very best in your new venture. I may be joining you myself soon, when the little man goes to school in September I’ll have so much more time on my hands, but as a full time carer of two, it’s not really feasible for me to look for work outside the home, so freelancing it will be.

    1. Thanks so much, Kiran! I’m looking forward to it and it’s great to be able to focus on it more now. Though there are still those kids…!

  13. Well done on your brave big decisions! Stumbling across this post has brought me such warmth. I’ve recently had to take some huge life changing decisions and it can feel so daunting and leave you question did you right the make move. Brilliant post 🙂

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  15. Wow end of an era, I think I started following you when you might have been jocelyns cards. It’s a brave decision but well done for taking the plunge. The fear puts so many off. I’ll be looking at your range as I’m always forgetting to buy cards! 🙂

  16. Good luck! I had never realised what was involved with blogging until I actually started. It’s definitely not the easy option is it. But as you say, it’s great fun. Love the new site by the way. Looks great. Orlena xx

    1. No, I think people imagine that you do it and just get money and free stuff – if only! Hours & hours, but it’s a labour of love 🙂 Thanks very much x

  17. Oh Jocelyn I am so so proud of you and way to go for taking that step. I am the same I am not going back to work and will stay home hopefully with the kids and pursue more opportunities writing. Its a big step I am a bit nervous as I am sure you are but sounds like you have a goal and path already to work towards.Which is fantastic. So proud of you. Your blog is amazing and you will do amazing things writing I just know it. Good luck sweets. #pocolo

    1. Thanks, Jenny. I love doing it, and have all sorts of plans bubbling, so hoping that it actually comes together for me. Hope all goes well for you, too, as I’ve no doubt it will x

  18. I am SO pleased for you lovely lady. I remember when you came on the scene and thinking of you as the card lady – I probably always will! But the very best with the new venture. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

    1. I so hope it’s the right decision! It feels like it is, so I’m going to give it my best. Thanks x

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