Janod Magnetic Puzzle Book Box: Girls Outfits – Review

I’m bringing you my first 2014 #Toadtest review today, with The Toadstool – exciting! We received the Janod Magnetic Puzzle Book Box a couple of weeks ago, and have been thoroughly testing it!

The website tells us:

janod magnetic puzzle book box girls outfitsJanod magnetic puzzle – girls outfits theme. This neat and handy box comes with puzzle pieces which can be combined into lot’s of girls outfits for different professions. Fantastic for improving dexterity and increasing vocabulary, it’s a puzzle box that will give your child hours of entertainment and has lots of educational value.

Suitable from 3-8 years

Boo was eager to get going on this. So we cracked open the box, and found neat little compartments, with the magnet clothing pieces in, and picture cards of the outfits that we could put together..


The concept is easy to grasp, and I found that I was not needed at all in this game! Boo started by grabbing a card, and then we found 2 handy circular magnetic pieces to hold the card in place on the right’hand side, while she ‘dressed’ the girl on the left-hand side..






magnetic3I love that the box is sturdy and steady enough to sit and play with it on our laps, too. I’ve already pencilled this one is as a game to take on a long car journey!


We do like this game. It’s very well-made and well-thought out. The box itself is very sturdy, and self-contained. The magnetic pieces are quite thick, and have so far proved impervious to Little Man’s destructive tendencies (he’s a child that should quality-test every toy as if there’s a way to destroy it, he will find it!). Boo being Boo, she likes to copy all of the cards to create the outfits, as she has very neat tendencies and attention to detail. Of course, there’s fun to be had in mixing them all up, too, and creating any number of combinations. Having had it now for a couple of weeks, I can report that she has played with it a lot, and continues to enjoy it, and it’s still looking to be in pristine condition, so is wearing well.

As well as this box, there are also alphabet, counting an vehicle sets available.

We do love Janod, having reviewed the Nutty Squirrel Balancing game that Boo had for her birthday, and we’ve had Janod robots for Christmas, too. I know that they’ll be of a great quality with lots of playability for the kids. I’m a fan! For more Janod #Toadtest reviews, clicks the links below.

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