Jelly Invaders at the National Sea Life Centre

Over the weekend, we enjoyed a trip out to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. We’re working with them this year and love putting our annual passes to use. The kids are always excited to visit, and this time were even more so as they knew there was a new Jelly Invaders area to explore..ooohhh!

If you’ve never visited before, it’s well-signposted throughout the city so you should have no trouble finding it. We normally park in one of the NIA car parks close-by, so it’s just a few minutes walk to the Sea Life Centre. It’s a lovely walk, strolling along the canal-side, watching the narrow-boats go by.

The penguins are first up as you walk through, and they were very lively this time, flying out of the water and swooping back in again, it was fun to see.

Rays are always utterly fascinating. They appear in several tanks around the centre, as well as the dedicated Bay of Rays pool.

We love to visit the Spotted Garden Eel! That’s it there, just popping straight up out of the sand. Makes me smile every time.

Now please forgive the blurry shot, it was a tricky one to get! But this is the new piranha tunnel, and yes, that’s Boo and Little Man down in the tunnel watching them swim over them.

If you know the Sea Life Centre, then the new Jelly Invaders area is just after the otters and cinema experience, before moving down to the ocean tunnel. That entire area is now devoted to jellyfish, and it looks absolutely brilliant. They are such fascinating creatures to spend time watching, and there are several different exhibits to see.

The Sea Life Centre is packed full of information about conservation and all of the marine life that they are home to. There are also trails and stamping machines for children to complete, a rock pool to explore and touch and the amazing Ocean Tunnel to end your visit with. Do check out some of my previous posts for more details and photos.

It is worth pre-booking to guarantee entry at busy times and check out various special offers on their website.

Have you visited the Sea Life Centre recently?

Disclosure: We are Sea Life Centre Ambassadors

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4 thoughts on “Jelly Invaders at the National Sea Life Centre”

    1. Ah yes, I know it. We always enjoy visiting and it’s good to see how much the kids now look forward to seeing certain tanks.

  1. We love visiting this Sea Life Centre when we visit the in laws in Birmingham – I also agree with it being a great location by the canal path. If we visit this year (Birmingham that is, as we tend go each summer), I’m hoping we can make another visit to the Sea Life centre; especially as its always a hit with Alexander. Thanks for sharing about the new additions.

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