Jewel Rings Aquabeads Review

Boo enjoys getting crafty and creative, so when we were offered the chance to try out Aquabeads, I knew she’d love to.

Jewel Rings Aquabeads

We’d not heard of Aquabeads before. The idea is that you make various bead designs and creations, using the enclosed templates or your own ideas, then spray them with water and they all stick together. I liked the no mess, ironing or glue sound of that!

The box contains a curved layout tray, ring bodies, design templates, a water dispenser and over 500 beads (The one suggestion I would make is to include a lid for the beads tray, for storing it away). Jewel Rings Aquabeads set

The instructions are very clear and simple to follow. So, beads at the ready, Boo chose the butterfly template, which we popped easily into the curved layout tray, and Boo got to work following the template pattern…

Jewel Rings Aquabeads butterfly

The beads are small, but not too fiddly for little hands. In fact, Boo was better at it than I was with her smaller fingers. As you can see, the layout card shows where to place the beads, and which colours to put there. It only took a few minutes, and we had our butterfly..

Jewel Rings Aquabeads butterfly 1

So design complete, it was then sprayed with water…

Jewel Rings Aquabeads butterfly 2

Now this is the part where less is more. It suggests to spray it 4-5 times, but Boo and I may have done it a bit more than that and so it took a long time to dry! On our next design, I stuck to the 4-5 times and it dried a lot faster and was easier to remove and turn over, as you also spray the back.

Jewel Rings Aquabeads starOnce they’ve dried on both sides, you insert a ring into the centre gap and can then wear them….

Jewel Rings Aquabeads butterfly ring

The recommended age is 4 and up, which seems spot on to me, as Boo at 4 can easily do this and enjoys it, and I can see that you could create more intricate designs if you’re a little older. Though it’s not a product for under 3’s (we play with this while Little Man’s napping), they do also have a safe, bitter agent in their make up, to put children off them if they do put them in their mouths.

The Verdict:

We really like this product, for it’s creativity and simplicity.There are plenty more templates for Boo to use, along with making her own up from scratch, which needn’t be ring designs at all, and there are other Aquabeads kits available. Boo is able to create these from start to finish alone, which she loves. They’re good fun, easy to play with, nice and tidy crafting (always a plus!) and the designs are pretty and do last well once dry.

Aquabeads are on Facebook and Twitter, too, if you fancy chatting and finding out more.

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  1. they look like fun, not heard of them before. looks like boo had a great time with them 🙂 #TriedTeste

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