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Just Two Weeks

My son has just two weeks left of primary school. Just two, just 10 days. 

How can this be?!

It feels like this was only yesterday…


His first day in Reception.

He cried every single morning of dropping him off that year. He was fine as soon as I left and came out happy every day, but those morning drop-offs were tough!

He settled better in Year 1, despite some inconsistency with his teachers, then he loved his teacher in Year 2 and his confidence really started to shine. Then the pandemic arrived.

Year 3 continued to be unsettled and included Teams home schooling – we weren’t fans of that!

He liked his Year 4 teacher and enjoyed that year, and finally, things were starting to return to normal. 

Then Years 5 and 6 have honestly flown by. Less fun, SATs filled, until this past month when he’s had much more fun at school, including a 4 night residential which he loved. 

Last week we had his final sports day, we went along to his new school and met his new form teacher and he then spent the following day there himself. He really enjoyed his transition day, he likes his form teacher and he made some new friends. He walked there and back with friends so the school route is sorted and he is keen to start there. 

We also had his uniform fitting, and he’s chosen his various bits of stationery and equipment, so I think we’re all set now. 

I look forward to seeing how he settles in, the new friendships he makes and the subjects that he finds he enjoys…and the ones that he moans about having to do! It’s a new school to me so I’m not sure how much homework there will be, but I do know my son so I already know this is the thing that he will least like about secondary school. 

For me, when my daughter started it was a big change, getting used to the secondary school life and all that came with it. But my routines stayed the same.

This time, although it’s a different secondary school so we’ll need to get used to that, the move to secondary doesn’t seem as big, but my routines will completely change. 

I’ve been going to the primary school every day for a decade now, so it will feel strange to no longer have any connection to it and to have no school runs to do. My life is going to change!

Little Man is ready to leave primary school, I know that. He’s outgrown it and he needs the new challenges that secondary school will bring.

He’ll miss his friends, and he’s really liked his teacher this year, but I think that’s all he’ll miss about primary school. Oh, and maybe the ease of the homework!

I know there’ll be tears on the last day of school. Possibly his, definitely mine! He tells me he’s not sad about leaving, and he’s off to his next school with his best friend. They’ve been close since nursery and I do think going together makes this all easier for both of them. 

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It’s a big change for him.

I’m not underestimating the shift from primary to secondary school, so I’ll be ready and here for him for any difficult days as he adjusts. 

Hopefully it’ll go smoothly, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets on with this, his new adventure. 

Until then, we have two more weeks, 10 days. I’m sure he’ll enjoy every single one of them. 

Bye, bye, primary school. 


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  1. Oh wow! The years have flown over, I remember him starting reception class and that doesn’t seem that long ago.
    It sounds like he is ready for secondary school. I hope he settles in well and loves it. Good luck. x

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