Keeping a Cards and Wrap Stash

Every home should be keeping a cards and wrap stash. I would not be without mine, it keeps me organised and on track. Whenever an occasion pops up, I am usually well-prepared for it, and you know that I love to send cards whenever I can! But keeping a cards and wrap stash isn’t just about being organised, it is also about saving time and money.

If you bulk buy, you save money, if you buy in the sales, you save money, and if you are buying a stack of cards, gift wrap, gift bags all in one go, on one trip, you will definitely be saving yourself time in the long run. No last minute dashes to the shops to buy one card or a sheet of wrapping paper, you will already have all you need well in advance.

If this sounds good to you, and you don’t yet have a cards and wrap stash, here’s how to go about organising one for yourself.

Assign a space

You are going to need somewhere to store everything. I know that space can often be tricky to find, but this is one cupboard that I wouldn’t be without in my house. I need this! So can a cupboard be cleared out, under a bed tidied or a corner created for this? Take a little look around, you are bound to find somewhere that will work for you.

Get a filing system

I have a simple box with dividers, by month, Christmas and miscellaneous where I keep my cards. I then bulk buy them and pop them into each relevant slot. This way, they are where I need them to be when I want to write them and I can see at a glance what month I have bought up to. Perhaps pick up something like this expanding file to keep yourself on track.

Use baskets, drawers or shelves

Fortunately, I have a cupboard that’s quite shallow, split into two with a shelf. This works well for me, and I then use baskets to keep things tidy in there, along with a big bag to keep all of my gift bags together. You might want to order a set of these baskets or get these gift wrap holders.

Divide it into Occasions and Christmas

You’ll want to keep these two separate, for ease. As I am using a cupboard in my kitchen, I simply put Christmas on the bottom shelf and birthdays and occasions on the top. It is easier to grab appropriate gift wrap and cards this way, and to keep track of what you have bought and need to buy.

Stock it up!

This is the bit where you need to go and buy stuff! Grab your diary or wherever you keep your list of occasions. Don’t have a list yet? Then pause here and put one together by month. This will be so helpful for you, as you can then take this list out shopping, before taping it up inside your cards and wrap cupboard to keep track of everything. I tend to buy by the quarter, so I do only need to go and buy cards, wrap and bags four times a year at most this way.

Along with the birthdays and occasions that you know are coming up, it is worth grabbing a few extra cards in anticipation of events whilst your’re shopping. For example, if like me you have kids in primary school, it’s a good idea to have a few children’s cards in your stash as their birthdays and parties always seem to be popping up!

With the gift wrap, keep it simple with a few general designs, bearing in mind who you’d normally buy for. Wrapping paper is normally cheaper on the roll than in sheets and I tend to ensure I have some in appropriate for males, females, kids and so on, along with some plain designs that can be used for any occasion. I also buy sheets of tissue paper from time to time if I spot in on offer.

Gift bags are great for recycling, so do keep any bags you receive that can be used to re-gift again. And then buy a couple of bags as and when you are stocking up on cards to build up your stash. Before you know it, you’ll have loads!

And that’s it, you are good to go. You will save time and money doing this, and feel so organised!

Do you keep a cards and wrap stash? Or will you be keeping one now?

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