Keeping The Kids Busy With Books2Door!

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I shared a little about our summer plans last week, and one of the things I mentioned there was chill days at home, offering the kids plenty of downtime over the summer break. Well, one of the things that I like to do each time the summer rolls around is get them both a few new activity and puzzle books to enjoy and keep them busy. 

We’ve just got a great bundle of summer activity books from Books2Door, and we always love working with them. We are a bookish family, and their range and value is fabulous, so I am more than happy to chat about them regularly here. 

The kids have already spotted that these have arrived in the house ( I knew I should have hidden them until the break!) and so they have disappeared into the bedrooms. 

Little Man absolutely adores The Pointless Books that he has, they are keeping him entertained and he’s already asking me for more of them, a sure sign that he loves them. So these are definitely a hit with 9 year old boys, if you’re looking for something for your little one. 

Boo has been spending a lot of time lately colouring in and listening to music, so I knew another colouring book would be a hit for her. And I’d say never assume your kids are too old for sticker books as my two always enjoy them and I know a few adults that love them too. 

I think activity and quiz books are great for occupying everyone. They are easy to take anywhere with you, good value, and they tend to offer that perfect combination of both stimulating and relaxing you. 

I have a few activity books myself too, from colouring to puzzle books, so I do sometimes sit down with them and we all spend time together with our books. With the music playing. And the kids invariably asking for snacks (they are never full!). 

Activity books are useful to have at the ready during the holidays for those pockets of time when you do want them to slow and quieten down (we all have those moments over the summer) and my two are used to having books like these to hand, ready to grab and fill time when they want to have a little fun. 

Books2Door have plenty on offer to suit all age ranges, so do take a look over there and you’re sure to find something. 

Delivery is pretty speedy and Books2Door have also recently launched a new delivery service which is well worth a look if you’re like us and often buying books. 

They now offer a PLUS+ delivery service, with both Silver and Gold membership options.

You can pay an annual fee for all of your delivery costs, you just need to add your chosen membership to your cart when buying books to get going with this. Choose from:

PLUS+ SILVER = Pay a £6.95 one-off fee and get all orders delivered for the next 12 months (standard shipping, 3-5 working days)

PLUS+ GOLD = Pay a £9.95 one-off fee and get all orders delivered for the next 12 months (express shipping, 1-2 working days)

Books2Door have provided us with the Gold service, and I have to say it is speedy! I ordered on a Friday morning and the books arrived the following morning, in less than 24 hours from order to arrival. I was impressed! I guess sometimes it might take an extra day or so, but it’s fast even then. 

So you’ve still time to get your activity and puzzle books in ready for the summer holidays, I hope your children enjoy them as much as we do. 

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post

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