Kitchen Dancing

Kitchen dancing. A regular sight and pastime in our house. I couldn’t begin to tell you the amount of times it happens a day, let alone in a week! My children are able to reach the CD player – something that I mostly get frustrated by (how many times a day do you really want to pick up a pile of CDs and put them back into their, often broken, cases?)

But, it does mean that I get plenty of moments like this, straight after breakfast in this case…

Kitchen Dancing

They dance so nicely together! Boo is simply a blur, as the photos show, and Little Man really tries to copy her if there are any actions, and they both love twisting and wiggling down to the ground.

And yes, I invariably join in 😉

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62 thoughts on “Kitchen Dancing”

  1. Oh yes. Our kitchen is always for dancing too. The floor is the best for the moves. I love spotify right now- or 8 tracks, stereomood. No cds to be changed. Spotify has good stuff for kids on too. Happy Dancing!

  2. Oh I love kitchen dancing!!! Looks like they’re a fab time. Reminds me how when mine were littler we had a kitchen dance every single night after dinner otherwise they’d refuse to go upstairs for bath and bed time. #whatsthestory

  3. You can’t beat – dancing on the kitchen tiles…
    My eldest’s song is ‘It’s all about you’ so we do this every time it comes on the radio – simple magic! xx

  4. I love kitchen dance parties. We have them pretty much every day. The wilder they are the better (though sometimes I worry since tile floors are so hard)

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