Knuma Connect High Chair Review

We have been testing out the new Knuma Connect High Chair here, with Little Man putting it through it’s paces..

knuma connect 4-in-1 high chair

Product Features:
– Suitable from 6 months to 6 years
– Beautiful, versatile furniture
– Designed with longevity in mind
– Full size high chair with adjustable tray
– Mid-size high chair for use up at the table
– Childs table & chair – fully nesting
– Chair & tray for ultimate convenience
– 5 point harness included
– Solid construction from beech plywood
– Easy to clean, hard wearing surfaces
– Range of exciting accessories (sold separately)

RRP £190, seat cushion sold separately for £30

When Knuma got in touch with me, I knew immediately that this was a high chair that I wanted to try. I love the look of it, and the design is important to me. We’ve always spent a while choosing high chairs and we tend to go for the ones that look stylish, sometimes over the practicalities – more fool us, and hence this was well-timed as I was on the lookout for a new one! This chair, though, as well as looking the part, fulfils the brief in every other way – it is actually eminently practical and I’m struggling to see many down-sides to it.

Assembling it was easy enough to do, so the Husband informs me as I left it to him! Initially, we just had it in it’s straightforward chair mode, and as you can see, it easily fits my tall 5 year old in it, as well as my tall 2 year old…

knuma connect high chair

You can then add a cushion onto the seat, and we opted for the lime…

knuma seat cushion

The cushion wipes clean easily, and it can be machine washed, along with the 5-point harness.

At it’s full size, it is quite tall, which would have been brilliant had we had it when Little Man was smaller as it was just the right height for us to be feeding him comfortably, and for him to have felt tall along with the rest of us at the table. We had the chair at this height for the first week of having it, to give it a go, and my son enjoyed being up high, and also climbing it! My only little quibble, and it was a minor one, was the lack of footrest, but then I realised that when you move it to the next stage, as we have now as it seems a better fit for Little Man, there is a footrest. I guess for this first one, the baby would be small and not in need of one anyway, whereas Little Man was used to one and so was using the dining table!

knuma high chair 1

This is how we now have it all the time..

knuma high chair

This is just right. My son is a tall 2 year old, and this puts him comfortably at the table with us all, with a footrest, and he easily gets in it himself, too.

The third option is simply the above, without the lower half off, so the chair and tray, and with little one’s feet resting on the floor.

Then finally, we have the desk and chair option…

knuma desk and chair

As you can see there, he likes this one! This is the one for the long term. At this point, we wouldn’t have the harness on it and he could just sit at it to eat, draw, play, create to his heart’s content. And I can see it lasting until he’s outgrown the need for it as a high chair, too, as it’s very well-built and sturdy.

It’s simple to switch the chairs between their differing positions, though it’s not a straightforward click and change thing. It needs to be taken apart and screwed back together in it’s various guises.

Oh, and bonus purpose here, it works very well as a den, and yes, there is a small girl in there…

knuma den

The key things that I like about it:

– The style and design. Quite simply, it looks good – sleek and practical. It’s also well made, and I’m hoping it will last us a long time.

– The 4 different designs within it allow for it to grow with your child, and change it to suit your needs. We do have a separate small table for play, but this would be great if you’re a bit stuck for space, as it’s two items in one.

– The choice of seat covers available. We opted for the lime, and there is also blue, red and orange.

– This is the biggie for me – it’s very easy to keep clean. The tray wipes down well, and there aren’t any annoying little nooks for food to get trapped in around the seat, as I’ve experienced with other high chairs. The seat simply detaches when needs be, as do the straps, and all are machine washable.

– The straps are grey. White does look lovely, but any mum who has had a high chair for more than a month knows that white is often not the way to go!

Points to bear in mind:

– The tray is quite heavy. It goes all the way round the side, which I like, though I think it would benefit from being a little deeper.

– The high chair itself is heavy. Not one for easily moving with one hand. Now, from my point of view, this is good news as it makes it very sturdy and it has so far withstood being clambered up as a tower and not toppling at all, but I can see this might not be for everyone.

– If you’re looking to make it more comfortable and add some colour, you’ll need to order a seat cushion in addition to the chair. I can see why this is the case, as the chair functions perfectly well without the cushion (it does come with the 5 point harness) and some people may prefer not to have it, but for those I do, I think an extra £30 on top is quite a lot.


We are so pleased with this high chair. Little Man is ridiculously proud of it and has shown it off, many times over, to every visitor we’ve had since it arrived here! He’s eager to climb into it at meal times, and is comfortable and safe in it. I really like the look of it, and as it’s always on show in our dining kitchen, that’s important to me, and then there’s the key factor – it’s super-easy to keep clean. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this.

What do you think of this one?

Disclosure: We received the product FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own

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38 thoughts on “Knuma Connect High Chair Review”

  1. oh wow .. when I was looking for a high chair for Joshua this is just the thing i was looking for (although all i found were lightweight version that moved and i wanted sturdy/heavy weight)

    With Joshua about to turn 4 I am not sure it would be a wise investment for us now even if it lasts (although i do love the seat to sit at the table with everyone else) However if we are lucky enough for number 3 i would certainly be looking more into this

    1. Yes, definitely worth a look. I wish this has been around when we were buying for Boo, as it would have lasted through the two of them, rather than us needing to buy more. We could have just replaced the cushion to freshen it up over the years!

  2. This looks very clever and it’s great that it can grow with your child, although I do think it’s quite expensive with the cushion. I love highchairs that are easy to clean, it makes such a difference when you are using it so often. Great review xx #TriedTested

  3. Love the look and sound of this highchair! My little man’s one is not in good shape, but being a third baby I just can’t bring myself to replace it. I wonder if they need more reviewers 😉

  4. Oh I love the fact that this turns into a little desk – so versatile and something that can grow with your child. If you compare it to the Stokke TripTrap chairs and the like, which aren’t convertible with a table top, this is a good comparable cost
    Nice review

  5. Love the look of this – I like how you can change between the different positions so easily – you basically get a whole lot of chairs in one package! Shame it’s a bit heavy, but I suppose that’s the trade off for a sturdy, well built option. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. It is the trade off, and for me, it’s preferable, but thought I’d mention it as I realise it mightn’t be for everyone.

  6. We have this high chair ! we reviewed it for the Mother and Baby awards and i am featuring a review of it on my blog soon. We love it as it so sturdy and easy to clean , my daughter loves having it as a table and chair so she can use it for colouring in. We have the red seat cover but your green one looks great i wish i had of opted for that one now xx

  7. I wish I’d done more research before buying our high chair. We got a one similar in style to this but unfortunately Rose has managed to escape it a couple of times and I just don’t feel she’s safe in it anymore. Little man looks so comfy and secure. Thanks for a great review x

    1. Oh no, that’s worrying. Little Man has yet to escape this one, and I can’t really see how he could. It is a great chair.

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