What The Ladybird Heard Toddler Activities

We’ve been having a little fun again, based around a picture book we’ve been enjoying. And this one’s a favourite of mine…

What the Ladybird Heard

what the ladybird heard toddler activities
This one’s popular with Little Man because he likes farms and animals, rhyming’s always fun to listen to, and he loves spotting the ladybird on each page, as his big sister always did when she was a toddler, too. So, chosen book in hand, we were off to create a couple of activities around it.

The first was so easy to set up and play, especially as we often play variations of this game anyway. Instead of just spotting that little ladybird on the pages of a book, we had to spot her around the house – Little Man does love a bit of hide and seek! We do have a little ladybird torch that we used, but a cut-out would work just as well, if you’re all of out of ladybirds in your house!

ladybird hunt

It’s a game that can go on for a long time here, as the possibilities are endless and Little Man loves to take his turn and hide the ladybird, too.

And the second idea is around the farm animals that the ladybird lives with, and a little crafting.

We have a small wooden farmyard playset, so we started with that. The idea is to draw around the animals, and then fill them in with whatever craft materials you have to hand. It’s fun and ticks a fair few educational boxes, as Little Man was telling me what the animals were as he handed them to me to draw around, along with making their sounds. A good opportunity to break out into Old MacDonald here, too!

choosing farm animals

And then we took to scrunching up bits of tissue paper for the pig and the sheep, glittering the ducks, cow and house, pom pomming our chicken and sequinning the horse.

what the ladybird heard crafting

As you can probably tell from the photos, Little Man loved controlling the glue, and the glitter was great fun. Placing the tissue paper, pom poms and sequins were all good for his fine motor skills, and he did really concentrate on doing them.

We finished up with various crafty blobs on a page, recognisable only to us! But, how proud he was!

photo 5 (55)

The session did end somewhat abruptly with both of us and the kitchen covered in red glitter. Fortunately, that was the last one we were doing anyway. Word to the wise – never allow a small person control of a tube of glitter, even for the 2 seconds that you’re distracted by removing glue from them. It will not end well, not at all….!

What do you think? Would your little ones enjoy these activities?

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20 thoughts on “What The Ladybird Heard Toddler Activities”

  1. Love these activities – the picture Little Man created looks great. What the Ladybird Heard is one of our favourite books – will have to try doing some of these activities with Jessica 🙂

  2. We’ve not read that book, but I know Julia Donaldson books are always great. Fab ideas of activities to go with it, but yeah, careful with the glitter 😉 Looks like he had fun though 🙂
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  3. This is our favourite book! My kids love to search for the ladybirds and i love making the animal noises! You can never have too much glitter! #letkidsbekids

  4. Brilliant ideas, I love activities that tie in with books as they give you a great reason to dig a little deeper and discuss the characters and plot.

    Thanks for linking up with our #MondayParentingPinItParty

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