At Last I Have Actual Photos!

I take a lot of photos. I suspect we all do these days. But how many of us then have actual printed photos? We seem to be living in an age where we take more photos than we ever have, but then have fewer photos printed and in photo albums than we ever have done! Well, I have at last remedied that here, as I have a fabulous new gadget that means I can print photos easily from my phone and then pop them into photo albums.

When We Always Had Printed Photos

Remember when we were little (and I am of a certain age here) and the camera only came out for Christmas, birthdays and holidays? And then you had to wait for the film to be sent off and developed before you could see the ones where heads had been missed off, the blurry shots and the random moments when you’d managed to get your hands on the camera. Admittedly the photos were worse than they are now as we can take and retake and actually see how they’ll look, but at least my mum has a big box full of them, memories to look back on.

These days my kids’ childhood is captured on my phone and lives on a cloud. I do have this blog which charts them growing up, something they’ll be able to look back on, but I wanted actual photos that can be held in their hands, photo albums to flick through, and I have finally got around to sorting it out.

Easy To Print At Home Photos

The delay was largely around the ease of doing it. It felt like such a time-consuming job. Well, that’s been remedied thanks to this nifty new printer that the Husband bought me for my birthday.

photo printing

The Canon Selphy CP1200

It’s a Canon Selphy CP1200 and I absolutely love mine. The quality of the photos is brilliant and it’s very easy to use. I have a free app on my phone so that when I want to print photos from there, I switch to the Canon’s wifi link, click on all of the photos that I want printing and simply click the Print button and off they go!

I have now been back over our photos of key moments over the last few years such as birthdays and holidays, as well as printing some cute pics and every day moments that I loved so I feel we’ve caught up. I have also made a real effort to print out as many shots as I can of myself and the Husband in photos, too. I tend to just take photos of the kids, but I noticed when I looked back at my family photos that there were virtually none of my mum and I, so I wanted to ensure that Boo and Little Man have plenty of moments to look back on with me in them.

We have ink and paper at the ready to capture this summer and upcoming birthdays and then I suspect I’ll be buying a lot of paper ready for our Disney World photos next year! And now? Well, I’m off to get those photos into those albums!

Do you keep your photos in the digital world?

I’ll link to it here, in case you fancy one of these, too…

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