Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

OK, so ‘lazing’ could be replaced with the word ‘crazing’ as my kids are pretty active, but you get the idea! We’ve had sunshine – hooray! And proper, warm sunshine at that. So last weekend, we opened the back doors, and let the kids do their thing.

There were bubbles…








Water play..

water play

And it was lovely to see Boo grab a golf club to ride as a broomstick, as we’ve been reading The Worst Witch together, so it must be sinking in!


Of course, Boo insisted we eat our meals and snacks out there, and pretty much every garden game that they own came out!

I loved the simplicity of it all. The joy on the kids faces as they played in their back garden. Glancing around at the flowers that are blooming and that I’ve worked hard to look after this year. The fact that the afternoon was totally free and easy, as we’d just stepped outside. Having my favourite people all smiling and happy around me. It was a great weekend. Here’s hoping the British weather will afford us a few more.

Did you make the most of the sunshine?

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43 thoughts on “Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon”

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    It’s often the simple things that bring so much pleasure isn’t it? And you look like you’ve had a fab afternoon in the sun, your gardens looking fab too.

  2. blank

    Parenting is just so much easier in the Summer, open the doors and off they go! The weather looks fantastic – We love spending time in the garden with the children too x

    1. blank

      It really is. It doubles our possibilities for activities, and the kids so love being out in the garden.

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    Such a lovely, simple to be able to do. Just throwing open the doors and letting them be kids! 🙂 We’ve also been doing that and had the hose pipe out to cool off too. Our little bear LOVED that in her swimming cossie and new sunglasses. The squeals of delight were priceless!

    1. blank

      Oh yes, that goes down very well here, too! Lots of fun, if we can just get that sunshine back… 😉

  4. blank

    Hooray for the sunshine and time spent having fun in the garden – of course I love your Son’s hat and am so pleased he likes wearing it! Let’s hope we have a great summer and we can all spend lots of time outdoors enjoying our gardens. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. blank

      Oh, I do hope the sun is back soon! Little Man loves that hat – in fact, he had it on at 6.30 this morning, while he was trying to persuade us to get up! Thanks for hosting x

  5. blank

    This is going to be a long one. My son recently met a friend. One that he is really attached too now. I have been wantong him to have one as as much as me & hubby wants a sibling for him we cant just really afford it. Unfair to bring a child in this world when you cant sustain a good life for him right? So having a friend he can play with is a gift for all of us. Saying that I am not really in control of that other kid. When will he be available and that sort of things. So … so everytime I see photos of sibling I have this wee bit pain in my heart. I would really one a sibling for my son. Hopefully things will get better for us so that my son will have a sibling. And if ever this time comes I would want them to be as close as your children. I know we cant really control that part but its just one of those wishes. Thanks. #CountryKids

    1. blank

      Oh, Merlinda, such a lovely and heartfelt comment. It’s a big decision, and we are very fortunate that our two do get on so well, as I know a fair few siblings that don’t, and it’s tough for the parents. But then, before Little Man came along, Boo was very happy with play-dates with her friends, and as she’ll be starting school in September, her social circle is about to get a lot wider and fun for her. For me, as I had a great childhood with my little brother alongside me, I always wanted 2, and we’re lucky that it’s worked out for us x

  6. blank

    Our week has been much the same, just enjoying being outside as much as possible, even in the rain 🙂 Little Man is starting to look so grown up! What a lovely set of photos x #CountryKids

  7. blank

    The garden can be so much fun, especially when they use their imaginations. We need a new playhouse for our little girls and seeing your little one on her bike has given me another idea! #countrykids

  8. blank

    Ah sounds pretty fantastic actually! It’s precisely that kind of chilled afternoon fun that makes me wish we had a garden more conducive to playing… One day! x

  9. blank

    We definitely did! Every time little T would wake up with the sun shinning through the window, she’d say, “It’s not raining today mummy! Can we have the paddling pool out… and the tent etc….” The thing is, even though the sun is shinning, it can get really breezy where we live and since it’s coming from the ocean it can still be a bit chilly, definitely not “paddling pool” weather in spite the sun and no amount of explanation will stop her from whinging about it, though we did manage to have some fun-time out in our little garden too. Sadly though, it’s been more like grey and rainy days for us down here lately. Bring back the sun!

  10. blank

    Free afternoons in the garden and sunshine have to be one of the best. It does look like the kids had lots of fun. Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  11. blank

    i love days like that. the sun is just perfect for simple lazy afternoons. my boy will happy stay outside all day with his scooter and bike on rotation! he is the same as your girl wanting to eat ALL meals outside too! your lil boy looks like he’s grown overnight 🙂 #LetKidsBeKids

  12. blank

    Ohh jealous!! We couldnt get out into the garden this weekend, Saturdays rain was so torrential that the back garden flooded, and was hugely water logged on Sunday and Monday evening it looked like it had started to dry out after 2 warm days BUT then last night and today has been hurrendous rain AGAIN so we are back at square one with a flooded back garden again 🙁

    1. blank

      So frustrating! That was sunshine last weekend, as it was raining here this weekend, too. It is difficult to predict what the weather is up to at the moment!

  13. blank

    We made the most of the sun too; it’s so wonderful when it shines down upon us, isn’t it! Love that gorgeous little Coombe Mill hat! Looks like you’ve got a fab back garden to play in. Lovely! #letkidsbekids

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