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As you may well know, we’re pleased to be working with Reading Eggs this year, having used it for the past couple of years with Boo and enjoyed it.

It’s now Little Man’s turn,  and so we’ve been using Reading Eggs and Mathseeds for a few weeks now.  As Boo loved it and took to it straight away, I was interested to see how he would find it.

Having looked back at the post I wrote about Boo first using it, a couple of years ago now, I see he is a fair bit younger than she was when she started. This surprises and reassures me, as I remember her spending longer at each activity than he does, but then as she was older, that makes sense.

What impresses me is that Little Man is very able to understand everything that is required of him through the stages, with little input from me. Some of the activities include a fair amount of repetition to bed the learning in, and this is where his interest can wander, and I find him hitting the screen trying to access other ‘games’ that he likes and has played before. He’s yet to really grasp that he needs to complete a level to unlock another, and is always keen to try a new one.

At the end of every section is a celebratory screen with plenty of cheers – he loves that, loves it! He is also making progress, particularly with his number recognition, and I’d say at this very early stage that he appears to favour numbers over letters, so we spend a bit longer on Mathseeds than we do on Reading Eggs.

He is only just three. He has nearly two more years before he starts school, plenty of time to grasp the lessons being taught here. I like the fact that most days now he will ask for Reading Eggs, and eagerly gets himself in position at the computer, ready to play. He does concentrate, though his mood will often dictate how long for and whether he fancies doing it correctly or prefers to deliberately get it wrong to see what happens when he does! (Boo never did that, so it’s fun to see how differently they both approach it).

Little Man and Reading Eggs

As Little Man is still at home with me full time, this really helps to give us a focused period of structured learning each day, and most importantly, he loves it. He enjoys the programme and it makes him feel like a big boy.

You can sign up to Reading Eggs for a free trial now, which is how we got into this in the first place. They’ve also now released some free sample lessons to give you a feel for it and you can download some free activity sheets.

What do you think? Would it be something your little ones might enjoy?

Disclosure: I am a Reading Eggs ambassador

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4 thoughts on “Learning with Reading Eggs”

  1. What a lovely post Jocelyn, I love the idea of Reading Eggs so we must take a look. POD loves being read stories and now she’s at school she’s learning phonics. It’s an interesting process as she memorises what’s in her book rather than actually recognising that letter in a book. We’ve had to trick her a bit so she concentrates!

    1. It is lovely to see them learn. Boo picked it up quite quickly, so we’ll see how Little Man gets on. Love that POD is memorising it all instead!

  2. Hi Jocelyn, what a fun way to learn and I find it interesting that Little Man favours Mathseeds over Reading Eggs, a documentary I once watched showed how boys and girls learn differently. Boys apparently are better (on average) than girls at maths and girls grasp language more easily.

    It’s seems like a fun way to learn too, which is how it should be.


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