Legionella Awareness Courses: Who Are They For?

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As a business owner or professional with a duty of care, you’ll likely be aware of a wide range of responsibilities when it comes to water hygiene. If you’ve only recently become aware of them, Legionella awareness courses play a significant part in that process; they’re designed to provide a general awareness of the risks associated with Legionella bacteria and some useful tips on how to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. 

These courses can be great for various people and groups, generally for those who are at least somewhat responsible for the maintenance of water systems in buildings, facilities, and public spaces. Let’s take a closer look at who they’re for.

Facility managers

Facility managers and building owners are typically responsible for the overall maintenance of water systems in their buildings, including cooling towers, hot water tanks, and other water distribution systems. 

Legionella training courses can be a great way of providing them with the necessary knowledge to identify potential risks associated with Legionella bacteria, such as understanding the sources of Legionella contamination, recognising the conditions under which the bacteria thrive, and complying with regulatory requirements.

Maintenance staff

Another group of people who can often benefit from Legionella awareness courses are maintenance staff. They’re often the ones who will have the most significant day-to-day interactions with water systems and will be in a great position to spot any potential issues.

Awareness courses can help to keep these employees safe, and provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to identify things like water temperature and stagnation, and alert the relevant parties if they have any concerns.

Healthcare & hospitality professionals

Healthcare and hospitality professionals are all typically held responsible for ensuring the safety of their patients, guests, and residents from Legionella-related risks. 

Legionella awareness courses can be used to provide them with the knowledge they need to identify potential risks in their facilities, put into place appropriate water management protocols, and educate their staff about any necessary Legionella prevention measures.


It should be made clear that legionella awareness courses are introductions on the subject – they’re designed to increase general awareness of the issue, and are not sufficient as a standalone measure for ensuring water hygiene. 

Businesses also need to ensure that they’re taking a variety of other measures, including getting water risk assessments carried out on a regular basis by a qualified water hygiene specialist, to ensure that they remain on top of all of their duties. 

As you can see, legionella awareness courses can be helpful for a wide range of professionals, from facility managers to maintenance staff. These courses can be incredibly useful if you want to provide yourself or your employees with the basic knowledge necessary to navigate the potential risks associated with Legionella bacteria, implement preventive measures, and comply with regulatory requirements to ensure the ongoing safety of your workplace. 

It’s absolutely crucial for individuals and organisations with any involvement in water management to stay informed about Legionella risks through regular Legionella awareness courses, to ensure that the workplace remains a safe space in the long run.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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