Lego Takeover Begins

It was inevitable, wasn’t it? Just a matter of time.

I have fond childhood memories of Lego. My brother was a huge fan and had loads of it, and I enjoyed making little houses and schools, always with those trees and flowers around a pretty pathway! I recall my mum would put a huge blanket out on the lawn on sunny days, and my brother and I would sit out there for hours constructing and creating. And it seems Lego just gains in popularity year on year, and every child succumbs, to some extent, at some point.

We’ve had various bits of Lego in our house for a while now. Boo had some Duplo when she was smaller and then a Lego Friends set from Santa last Christmas, though to be honest, she’s never been overly interested. Little Man’s a very different story, as he really enjoys constructing and it’s one of the few toys that will hold his attention for a decent length of time. For his second birthday last month, we bought him a Duplo set, as did my dad, and he also had some Megablocks. As he had these new toys, Boo became more interested in playing with them, too, and her Lego Friends set came back out. Then she was fortunate enough to receive a Lego Juniors Easy to Build case as a thank you for a blogging project she did last week, and then on top of that came a much-loved early birthday present for her, a TMNT Lego set (oh my, how she adores those turtles!).

As such, at any given moment lately, it seems that one or both of the kids are playing with Lego. It’s lovely to see them both so engrossed, whether they’re playing together or separately, and it’s a relatively quiet activity, which is always welcome! I think it’s a fabulous toy, and I enjoy seeing their imaginations take flight with it, I just suspect that this is merely the start of many, many more Lego boxes to come and I’m already trying to figure out how to re-organise their playroom to accommodate it!

Lego fun

Does Lego take over in your house?

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16 thoughts on “Lego Takeover Begins”

  1. As a child, I also loved lego. Little T though isn’t into it … yet. She has duplo and likes to occasionally play with it. At the moment though, her latest craze are dolls from the Monster Heights collection! Dolls that look like Barbie but are actually “monsters”. Oh well. #whatsthestory.

  2. I do love the children playing with lego as its an excellent way to get them to concentrate and follow instructions but I really prefer it when they go freestyle. I don’t like picking it all up afterwards though 🙂 #whatsthestory

  3. Yep, Lego’s a big thing in our house too with all three of our kids. With the boys in particular, it’s interesting to see how different their approaches are to it. Isaac is a stickler for following the instructions precisely to build exactly what is on the box (President Business must have got to him!) and takes what I call an engineering approach to construction. Toby couldn’t care less about instructions – he’s at his happiest diving, being creative and building whatever he sees in his mind (he’s a budding Master Builder!)

  4. Lego is a fantastic toy! There is so much opportunity to create, use imagination and play. At the weekend we went somewhere they had giant lego blocks, it was amazing, my kids were in their element!
    Lovely pic 🙂

  5. Lovely photo – Lego is great fun. We haven’t quite got on to proper Lego yet in our house but Jessica and Sophie both love Duplo – Jessica loves to build and Sophie loves to take apart (which causes some frustration from Jessica’s perspective!) 🙂

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