Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

We bought Boo a kite for Christmas. She was delighted! Of course, as we had the evil sick bug here over Christmas, we had to wait to get out and fly it, but as soon as everyone was fit to leave the house, the park was the first place we headed to!

She was desperate to get going with it, and the Husband seemed just as excited! Off they rushed, ahead of Little Man and I..


And then, on it’s very first flight…


Things did get better, though, as they moved away from the trees!



Little Man and I looked on, though his book ended up holding a greater appeal for him!


And the end of our trip was pretty firmly signalled by Boo falling over on the sodden field and covering herself in mud – she wasn’t best pleased with it!


From the photo, she doesn’t look too bad, but the back of her coat and jeans were covered – she had to be stripped down to get in the car!

But, we did fly that kite, she did love it, and so we’ve a new reason to get out into the park 🙂

Are you a kite-flyer?

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50 thoughts on “Let’s Go Fly A Kite!”

  1. I do love a good kite. Glad you managed to find enough open space to get it flying free-at least there was never any worries about the wind dropping! That muddy fall would not have pleased either of my two much as well 🙂

  2. That reminds me that we have a kite that I bought ages ago cheap at Aldi and I’m ashamed to say we’ve never used it. Must put that right before too long. Looks like great fun.

  3. Kites are great fun – I may suggest to my hubby that we take ours down the beach whilst it is quite as I can imagine it being quite windy. Love how brightly coloured your kite is against the sky. Aww my boys would have loved the mud, bless her.

  4. Kites are so much fun, we tend to take them to the beach as there is plenty of room. I’m glad it didn’t stay in the tree and they were able to have fun getting it to fly so well, shame about Boo and the mud but nothing the washing machine can’t handle. Happy New Year and thanks for linking up your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

    1. Oh, it’d be lovely to take it to the beach. We’ll have to bring it with us when we stay at Coombe Mill. Thanks for hosting x

  5. Great weather for kite flying 🙂 the best kite we ever got was a cheapy one at the seaside years ago… every time we fly it it beats all the other kites around! can’t believe it’s still in one piece to be honest! x

  6. Ah, kite flying is fantastic fun. My hubby got a kite for his birthday in Sept, but as yet we have not found the opportunity to get out and try it!! You have just reminded me, we should 🙂

  7. Aww looks like a lovely fun day! It’s certainly been windy enough lately for some good kite flying. Shame about the sodden muddy field though. Monkey slipped over 5 minutes into a recent trip out and was soaked and covered in mud – turned out to be a very short visit to the park that day!

  8. Ahhh so pleased you managed to fly it! We bought a kite for a friend of ours girl who’s the same age as 4yo, and they’re saving it until we next see them which she’s already looking forward to 🙂 #letkidsbekids

    1. It was fun – we’ll be out again soon if the rain allows! Nope, not Bristol, just a park near to us in the Midlands x

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