A Letter For Daddy

The Husband’s had a very tough time lately, as you’ll know from my recent Word of the Week post. On the worst of these days, I explained to Boo that Daddy would love hugs from her that night, and for her to be a very good girl. She nodded and said ‘OK’.

Half an hour later, she came up to me with her little writing set, and told me she wanted to write a note for Daddy, to cheer him up. My heart melted.

Boo's LetterIt says, ‘to daddy, I love you (with a heart there), and then her name, which I’ve ‘egged’ out! She then thought about what Daddy likes best, and came up with cake! So that’s a very long cake with a couple of candles on it.

He’s not a sentimental sort, but he really appreciated his letter and has kept it.

To then make his evening even easier, she decided than rather than expect him to read her a bedtime story, she would tell him a story instead, so she practised and practised a tale until he came home and she could share it. It was about a turnip, complete with actions 😉

I was so proud of her, and I know the Husband cherished it.

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56 thoughts on “A Letter For Daddy”

  1. awww honey what a beautifully thoughtful daughter you have! I think a turnip story sounds super 🙂

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

    p.s i am loving the new facelift .. its gorgeous! x

  2. Just read your Word of the Week post, so sorry Jocelyn – sending positive vibes your way (and a little gin). It makes this note all the more poignant doesn’t it, you must have just melted when you saw it. What a lovely thing to do for Daddy, so thoughtful. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    1. Thank you. It all feels a little strange still, but I’m sure it’ll sort. And this little letter definitely cheered him. Thanks for hosting x

  3. That is so sweet, love her writing. It’s amazing how thoughtful young children can be sometimes. I missed Word of the week last week, so just read your post, hope your husband settles into his new job well when he starts.

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