A Letter to My Daughter ’10 Things I Admire About You’

My daughter is now 7 years old. She’s already counting down and making plans for her eighth birthday, which isn’t until October. Fortunately, the gift request list is yet to materialise! She seems to be growing up so quickly, the days are just flying by as I see a beautiful little girl maturing and developing in front of my eyes.

I am very proud of Boo. Yes, she drives me potty sometimes, but of course I absolutely adore her and wouldn’t want to change a single thing about her. As mums are entirely allowed to do, I can declare her perfect, right?

So today I wanted to write a letter to her, sharing 10 things that I admire about her. I like to think she’ll look back on it when she’s reached the lofty heights of eight years old, then when she’s bickering with me at 15, and then when she looks back on her childhood fondly at 22. Boo, this one’s for you, from Mummy…

My girl, here are 10 things that I admire about you:

1. The way that you approach every single new experience, with a thirst for knowledge and bags of enthusiasm. Whether it be a new topic at school, a new place to explore or something as mundane as a new supermarket, you will be bursting with excitement about it all.

2. Your seemingly endless energy. You never stop. And why walk somewhere, when you can run, skip or jump there? Why sit still when you can wriggle about and dance? Nothing ever seems to tire you out, you are my little Duracell bunny.

3. Your innate sense of fairness. Everything has to be done properly, by the rules and with complete objectivity. You never pick favourites, even of your cuddly toys, just in case they are listening and would be upset!

4. Your sense of empathy.  I often have to remind myself that you are only 7, as your maturity in sensing the needs of others and putting yourself in their place never ceases to amaze me.

5. Your creativity. I love seeing you making up and writing stories at your desk, weaving an imaginary world around your brother or concentrating on an art project.

You are happiest when you are ‘doing’, delving into the craft supplies, filling your notebooks or sitting alongside your daddy trying to copy his brush lettering. Yes, it’s a talent, but it’s the happiness that I see as you’re immersed in it that I adore.

6. Your amazing memory. You don’t forget a thing, nothing at all! Which makes you like a little sponge at school and which means I need to make sure I never make idle promises about anything, as you will always remember and remind me!

7. How you will always spot when people are uncomfortable or shy and go and encourage them to join in. I’ve seen you do this at parties and your teachers tell me about this, too. No-one will be allowed to feel left out when you are around.

8. Your capacity to have several books on the go at once, always remembering what’s happening in each one, and how you get through several of them each week. You need to read each evening to get off to sleep, and then you’ll also pick up books throughout the week to read whenever you fancy it.

Sometimes Little Man asks you to read a new book to him, and it’s so lovely to see you do that for him, both snuggled on the sofa together immersed in the story.

9. Your patience with your little brother. I have a little brother and I really don’t recall being as patient with him as you are with yours!

You seek to look after him, you help him do things, you play with him for hours on end and you include him when your friends come round to play. I know sometimes he irritates you, that’s the nature of a sibling, and I’ll always do my best to make sure you’ve got your own space when you need it.

10. That you are you. You know who you are. You are funny, energetic, kind, intelligent, compassionate, independent, observant, a good friend, a great sister and a wonderful daughter. You know this, you have a self-confidence that never veers into cockiness, it just resides quietly within you. I do hope it stays there forever, my angel.

Love you, sweetheart.

Mummy xxx


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2 thoughts on “A Letter to My Daughter ’10 Things I Admire About You’”

  1. Aww! Such a sweet post…
    Boo sounds like such a lovely girl. A wonderful daughter and a great big sister!
    I always say I wish I had half the energy that my girls have. My youngest especially is non-stop!

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