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When I was little, and I really can’t be sure how small but I’d guess my memories go back to when I was around 4 or 5, I adored my trips to the library. I can still clearly visualiseย the picture book area there, along with the comfy and cosy cushions and soft toys scattered over the floor. It was somewhere I loved to be and looked forward to our trips out there.

Now I get to take my children to the library. When Boo was a toddler, we went quite regularly. She loved it there, piling up book after book before we had to whittle the pile down from around 50 to the 12 she could have! When Little Man arrived, our visits dwindled, though bookshops remained firmly on the cards. When Boo first started school in September, I decided to take Little Man, with the idea of going regularly again. Except that Little Man is not his sister. Oh no, he’s a tad different. Yes, the books were piled up, but only because he was emptying the boxes they were in so that he could sit in them! Hmm, libraries may not be the place to go then just yet….

But fast forward just a few months, and last week, it being half term, I took the two of them to the library. And joy of joys, they both enjoyed it and chose their books happily. It was interesting to see that Boo went straight to the chapter books this time, her tastes have changed that much in such a short time. Little Man found a box full of chunky board books,ย and selected his from there….

the library visit

Little Man was delighted to find two books about mice. I’m not sure why, but when we went to the book fair at Boo’s school a couple of weeks ago, he asked for a book about a mouse. Sadly, they didn’t have any, so the library came through for us. And yes, he does already have several books with mice in them, so I’m not sure why the sudden preoccupation with them! We read all of his that day, and then the next, and then again a few days later. As I mentioned in last week’s Word of the Week, he’s really getting into his reading of late. And with Boo, we managed to read some of her books whilst Little Man napped over the week. It was lovely daughter and mummy time, snuggled up on the sofa, each taking it in turns to read sections.

I treasured it. I enjoyed our library trip, I’ve loved reading the books and I do hope I’m creating some fond library memories for my children, too.

the ordinary moments

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22 thoughts on “The Library”

  1. Ahh aren’t libraries just theost magical place? I used up love going so much and would go every single Saturday morning without fail. So lovely to see that your two love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I remember my first visit to the library, I chose 15 books but was only allowed 6, I cried! I love taking my kids to the library, especially our youngest Makis (7) his enthusiasm for reading is lovely.

    Great post x

  3. Oh yes, I remember sitting in those colourful plastic bucket chairs in the tiny library in Boldmere and savouring our visits. I loved choosing a book. I do hope we don’t lose that-libraries have so much to offer don’t they.

  4. Ah this is so lovely and like you I have such fond memories of my time as a child going to the library-I was a book a holic and used to love heading down there, sitting on one of the colourful cushions and spending my time choosing what to get. I never had my nose out of a book. Luckily Mads seems to be going the same way at the moment- she absolutely loves to read too. x

    1. It’s a real pleasure to encourage and see, isn’t it? I think I’ve many years of trips to the children’s library ahead of me ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I remember my childhood libraries fondly too and I’m so pleased that our library now is really great and perfectly set up for little ones – the girls love having a bit of a scamper around and choosing their stories and it sounds like yours really comes through when you just need a book about mice!!

  6. A ha, a girl after my own heart! I’m due to post a blog about the library shortly too! We love it too Jocelyn and have done since newborn days. Our little bear adores the Daisy Meadows ‘Rainbow Magic’ series with Jack Frost and those Pesky elves. But of course the best friends and their fairy friends always pull through to save the day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Oh I love the library, I take Boo most Wednesdays to our local library as there is a free bounce and rhyme session (don’t get much for free these days!) and we always stay after and get some books for Boo. It’s so wonderful that Boo has access to all of these different books =)

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