Life Moves Pretty Fast

Do you have those times when you feel like you look up and somehow all of this time has gone by and you’re not quite sure how? All the time, right? Life moves pretty fast.

I had one of those moments of complete clarity over the weekend. 

I spotted a family of four. The couple had a daughter, around 4, and a son just toddling. And I had one of those moments where I realised we used to be that family and now we are so far removed from that. It doesn’t feel like we even did that! It feels like another lifetime ago, but it was less than a decade ago. 

Where did that time go? I know it’s such an overused saying when they say the days are long but the years are short, but wow, it is so true!

Those baby and toddler days did feel so long some days, some weeks. And yet here we are. With a daughter in secondary school, starting to talk about her first ‘teen’ birthday on the horizon and a son about to go into double figures. And I’d say these days, the days are short, too short. 

The kids have grown up so much, when, how?! 

We’ve been busy lately. All of us. 

I have been busy here with work and on top of the usual stuff, my brother and I have been launching our new venture together

Keeping on top of the kids’ schedules has then felt like quite the undertaking lately, especially my son’s with all of his sports. I’m not enjoying the overlap in the cricket and football seasons! 

Being there for my daughter as she navigates her first year of secondary school; the learning, the new schedules and expectations, the friendships and the growing up, has taken up much of my headspace. 

Mentally, I feel like I’m still back at the start of the year, to be honest. I think about January, starting my walking challenge and getting my miles in each day, and the days and weeks have just flown by since then. 

I did notice the school breaks, but even they seemed to speed on by. Then we were whizzing through the weeks, busy at the weekends and now here we are. Somehow. In July, with only a couple of weeks lefts of the school year, years 7 and 4 coming to an end in our house. 

When I get a chance, I do look up, I look around. 

I see our friends and family, and try to keep up with them too. Their lives are busy, of course, and somehow the changes keep on rolling. 

In the past month, my little niece has taken her first steps. She’s 13 months old now. I feel like she was only just born, tiny in my arms. 

In the past month, my nephew has moved into his first place with his girlfriend. He’s 26 years old now. I feel like he’s still at primary school, chatting to me about dinosaurs. 

Time flies by, I know this, you know this. I guess I am just sharing this to remind myself to stop and soak everything in from time to time. And perhaps to offer you a reminder to do the same every so often. 

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

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2 thoughts on “Life Moves Pretty Fast”

  1. Yes! Time just flies by and sometimes I feel that it’s all happening too fast. My eldest is nearly 20 years old, has left college and is working. How did that happen?!
    I can’t believe we’re just a couple of weeks from the end of the school year. x

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