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Following on from last week’s Papery Peep, I’m pleased to say that I’m totally back into my reading groove, thanks to Eloisa James and plenty of re-reads, and I’m about to start a new book tonight, too. The only problem is that my desire to read is now kind of surpassing all else, so blogging and housework are sliding down the list! Hey ho! So, today it’s all about books…

I was tagged by the lovely Mab to join in with the Literary Dinner Party tag. The idea is that you are hosting a Literary Dinner Party and are allowed to invite 10 guests who have to fit in each category. Well, this is one that I could not resist having fun with….

literary dinner party

1. A character who can cook/likes to cook.
Worryingly, the very first character that springs to mind here is Hannibal Lecter! He is quite a discerning gent and chef, taking away the whole murder and cannibalism thing, so I figure that as long as he’s definitely not serving up people, he’ll cook a great meal and provide intelligent and stimulating conversation…!

2. A character who has money to fund the party.
Eric Northman. OK, I love him from the TV shows, but they are also books, and he winds up very rich indeed, so he could easily fund a fabulous dinner party, and preside over it at the head of the table, on his ‘throne’.

3. A character who might cause a scene.
Hmm, well, Hannibal and Eric might have this one covered already! I’m thinking someone like The Invisible Man could be fun here, and could easily wreak havoc and cause all sorts of scenes!

4. An amusing character.
Becky Bloomwood. The Shopaholic books always make me laugh, I really like the letters to her bank manager and her flawed logic when making decisions!

5. A character who is super social/popular.
Holly Golightly. About as sociable as they come and likely to add a good dose of glamour to the party.

6. A villain.
Dracula, no question. I do enjoy the myths and books surrounding him. Though I do notice that I’ve managed to pick a few villains in the other categories, too, so there’ll be a surfeit of evil in the room!

7. A couple (doesn’t have to be romantic).
I’d have to have Mr Darcy and Elizabeth there, so I’d choose them here. I’d seat them apart, though, to spread some Regency airs and graces.

8. A hero/heroine.
Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps not a typical ‘hero’ but he’s a genius who solves crimes, so I’d say that puts him in ‘hero’ category for me. He may well come in use, too, as with a guest list like this, there could easily be murder committed!

9. An under-appreciated character.
I’d like to invite Jeeves. Funny, intelligent, and often under-appreciated as he’s on the serving end at these things, so let him be a guest for once.

10. A character of your choosing.
Leopold Dautry, the Duke of Villiers, from several of Eloisa James’ novels. He’s so witty, dry and often cutting, as well as extremely elegant, so I’d gladly have him come along and watch a few sparks fly.

As I review my list of choices there, I can’t help but notice I’ve gone for a lot of dark and dangerous characters, and they were the ones that I opted for first. Best not dwell on that….!

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What do you think? Would it make for an interesting party?

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10 thoughts on “Literary Dinner Party Tag”

  1. This is excellent-what a fab idea! I’m going to be spending way too much time on this I can see already 🙂 i do love that you’ve chosen such dark characters too-such an antithesis to you x

  2. Hannibal Lector?! Ha, that is so funny! Good call on Holly Golightly and Sherlock, they would be awesome at a party! I love Holly Golightly so much!

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