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A Little Catch Up With Me

Mid-April already, huh? I am feeling the passage of time quite keenly today, so I thought I’d share a little catch up with me, sharing what we’ve been up to lately, things on the horizon and a mish-mash of thoughts and feelings. 

The children have gone back to school today after the Easter break. They were both looking forward to seeing their friends. I do hope they both manage a full summer term, time will tell. 

The house is peaceful. I’m writing this at my desk, music playing as always, Herbie napping in the sunshine. I have powered through a long list already this morning, it’s amazing how much you can done when you are alone, isn’t it?

I’m happy to be back to it, keen to establish a good routine again. Last term was dominated by remote learning, and even after the kids went back to school, Little Man’s bubble burst and he was back home isolating for a while. I feel like I didn’t find my rhythm, so I am hoping to do so now. I enjoy my work, I want to throw myself back into it. 

My favourite time of year is creeping up now. It’s sunny today, and sunshine always lifts me. I did a little bit of gardening over the Easter break, and I am looking forward to pottering around out there more and more and in my greenhouse over the coming weeks and months. 

plants on sill

Here in England, restrictions are now easing. Normality is seeping back in. 

We have started seeing friends and family again, outdoors and in gardens. It’s wonderful to see them. We have had a few trips out, with more planned in. National Trusts, shopping, walks with friends, parks, castles, you know the sort of thing. 

We visited Kenilworth Castle last week and the kids absolutely loved it. You realise just how cooped up you have been when you see their complete enjoyment running around and exploring somewhere new, somewhere not their back garden or a walk with Herbie. 

It feels strange to be making plans again, to be thinking ahead. We’ve been suspended in time for so long now, living the same weekend over and over and over for weeks and months. It is taking some adjustment to realise we can do so much more now. 

I think I am still processing it, as we come out of it. There are things I am not rushing back to do, and other things that we’re keen to do. When you can’t do anything for ages, it does help you to recognise those things that you miss, the things that matter, and then those things that you can do without. 

Along with loved ones, it is those little things that tend to make me smile, my little pick me ups. They have kept me going and will keep on underpinning my days. 

At Kenilworth Castle

My little girl is growing up quickly now. She is now in her final term at primary school, and if I think too much about that, the tears always swell. 

She looks more grown up, she’s at that precipice of pushing for more independence and then wanting to retreat back to being little again. It’s a tricky time for her, and I get that. And I know that underneath it all, she’s sad about her years at her school coming to an end. It’s a thought that lurks in the back of her mind all too often. 

She is excited about her next school. She was trying on her new uniform a couple of weeks ago, and wow, did she look older. She’s looking forward to that new adventure, but I know she wants to hold onto where she is now for as long as she can. I can see this being an emotional term for her, full of highs and then that inevitable low. I’ll be there, I’ll be ready to help her.

Little Man continues his love affair with football. On our walk to school this morning, the majority of the chat was football-related, and when you consider that I don’t really follow football these days, that’s good going! He just chatters on and on about it, he loves it. 

He, too, is growing up quickly, growing into himself. He at least has a few more years to go at primary school, a few more years of wanting to hold my hand as we stroll there. 

It’s all too easy to dwell on the past twelve months, but I am finding I am at my best when I just stay in the day we are living and all that the week ahead might bring. And even, tentatively, starting to look forward and to make plans, get excited about things. 

Looking forward, I am very excited about my new niece or nephew arriving soon. He or she is due in a few weeks time and I can’t wait to meet them. My brother and sister-in-law are going to make brilliant parents, I am excited to see them beginning their journey into parenthood. Boo is fit to burst, she is desperate to meet her new cousin!

And that’s where I’m at today, as I write this. These thoughts all swirling round in my head. The past, present and future, and then the little things. The sunny day, the dog basking in it nearby, the to-do list steadily getting ticked off.

It feels good to be having a ‘normal’ run of the mill day. Something I no longer take for granted or assume will be the same tomorrow and the next day. So I will enjoy it now and leave you to get on with yours.

Thanks for catching up with me, how are you doing? 



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