Little Man is 18 Months Old

I’m not quite sure what’s happening here, but I’m pretty sure Little Man was only born last week, so how can he be 18 months old already?!

Little Man 1

At 18 months, he’s a handful, to say the very least. He is constantly on the go, wreaking havoc wherever he possibly can. He climbs, he opens and closes doors repeatedly (he’s mastered the front door this week, so that now has to stay locked during the day!), he turns the oven and washing machine on at regular intervals during the day, he throws toys and clothes randomly in the kitchen bin so I have to be very vigilant there – I’m certain we’ve lost a few things!, he steals biscuits and any other food he can access, he grabs crayons and chalks and uses them wherever he likes, he thinks standing on the sofa or bed and just slipping off it is hilarious, as I have heart attacks, and he wants to do everything he sees his sister doing (and she’s always been a daredevil, too). So yep, he’s a challenge.

But, in other ways, he’s a dream. He sleeps through well, and has done since he was very young, he’s a very good eater, eating plenty and a good variety, he doesn’t mind his pushchair and will happily stay in it when we’re out and about (Boo always wanted out!), and he’s saying so many words now, and clearly understands lots more. He says Mama, Dada, Nana, his sister’s name, Harry (the dog), hello, bye, yes, no, toys, bear, dumdum, toast, crisps, bapple (I know the ‘b’ is unnecessary, but I do like it being said like that!), baby, choo choo, daisy (for Upsy Daisy), door, shoes, tree, poo poo, wee wee, and he still snorts for Peppa! He also enjoys showing off his repertoire of animal noises – name an animal and he’ll gladly make their sound! He’s always been a cuddly baby, and now that he’s older, he comes over and puts his arms tightly round my neck for proper hugs. And he makes little kissing sounds and purses his lips for a kiss.

So whilst he drives me mad, he also melts my heart. He is absolutely, totally, adorable. I’m still not quite certain how he’s turning 18 months today, though….

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36 thoughts on “Little Man is 18 Months Old”

  1. blank

    Aw Jocelyn EJ is exactly the same with just about everything you said in the first paragraph but at 19 months he only has three words, yes, no and yay! He understands absolutely everything though and is also very cuddly! Happy 18 months to Little Man (time is definitely playing games with us!) X

    1. blank

      It really is! Ah, good to know I’m not alone in dealing with this constant madness! I’m pleased he speaks, as he has a tongue tie that we chose not to refer (as he fed well & Boo has one and is fine), so I’m reassured that our decision hasn’t adversely affected him!

  2. blank

    Aw, he’s gorgeous! Time flies, blink and you miss it. It’s so important to stop and look back sometimes.
    (Love the new look of your blog by the way) x

    1. blank

      Thank you. Yes, I wanted to note down what he’s like at this milestone (the whole craziness of him) as it’s flying and I know I’ll forget! And thank you 🙂

  3. blank

    Bless him! Such a cutie! My boy does some daredevil stuff too, and I really have to stop myself from being too protective. It’s amazing how they find thing hilarious that stop your heart.

  4. blank

    Aww, what a cutie! Happy 18th month to your little man. Oh dear, soon he’ll be 2! Don’t you sometimes wish time would slow down just a little bit? I feel that sometimes with my 3-year-old 🙂 #WhatsTheStory.

  5. blank

    He’s beaut. He reminds me of my boy. I have defo found a marked difference between boys and girls. My boy is crackers!!!!! Bless him. The clingy munchkin. Such a mummy’s boy xxx

  6. blank

    Oh my word Jocelyn, Little Man is doing so much! He’s just adorable too – look at those cheeks! It must be wonderful being able to record everything too so you can reminisce! I hope he’s having a good day today. Fabulous post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    ps. LOVE the new look 🙂

    1. blank

      He is adorable, and also crazy! It’ll be nice to look back and see what he was up to at this stage. Oh, and thanks 🙂

  7. blank

    awww honey i can so empathise .. i am sure Joshua is only 18 *scuttles off to look at 3rd birthday cakes for April! .. he really is such a cutie x

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  8. blank

    Oh he is just GORGEOUS!!!!! It does fly by doesn’t it. I can’t believe my two are going to be 1 and 3 this summer!!! I feel like I just had Missy Moo and that Buba is still a baby. Not anymore. Don’t blink it will be over. What a lovely post to look back to and remember though. Cherish each moment. 😉

    1. blank

      I know – just too fast! At least by noting it down, I’ll be able to remember the mischief that he was getting up to now, along with all of the adorable things, too 🙂

  9. blank

    Gorgeous photo and happy 18 months to Little Man. Our Little Miss is also becoming something of a daredevil. We’ve had to move a small coffee table this weekend as she kept using it as a step up to the top of the sofa (aside from the risk of her falling off, she was also making the cushions go out of shape climbing on it!). From what I’ve seen and heard little boys have a whole new level of daring compared to girls so you must be exhausted!

    1. blank

      Thank you. Yes, though my daughter was very active and a risk taker, Little Man seems to take it to a whole new level!

  10. blank

    Happy half birthday to your little man. How can our babies already be eighteen months old? Soon they will be two! My LM sounds so similar to your boy, except in speech. She doesn’t really talk at all, I don’t think she can get a word in edgeways with her big brother!

    1. blank

      I know – we’ll be planning that second birthday before we know it! Ah, you see my daughter delights in Little Man’s speech and tries to help him say new words – maybe she is the key to his development?!

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