Little Man is 5 Today!

Today is my Little Man’s birthday, he’s 5 years old today.

Five. Just wow.

Where did those years go? I’ve seen this boy as a sleepy and cuddly baby, a cheeky daredevil toddler, a shy and imaginative preschooler and now we’re here turning five, as he’s about to become a schoolboy.

Little Man is funny, cheeky, imaginative, quiet, determined, loving and he is passionate about the things that he is interested in. He loves playing with his superheroes, Star Wars toys and Lego and adores playing on the Playstation and cuddling up and watching movies.

He’s been seeing family for treats over the past couple of days and he has a little trip lined up next weekend for more fun with friends. Today he wants to open his presents, go to toy shops to spend some of his birthday money and then go and eat his monkey birthday cake with his cousins. Yes, we will be there with his aunt and uncle and grandparents, but he’s quite clearly told us that the cake’s for him, his sister and his two cousins. It feeds 18. I’m sure they’ll have a good go at it. Little Man completely adores his cousins, my 21 and 15 year old nephews, he looks up to them and they are wonderful with him. They are the people he’s asked to see on his birthday, so naturally his wish has been granted and he’s very happy.

Happy 5th birthday, my beautiful boy. Love you so much.

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