Little Man Has Shoes! No Easy Task….

We woke today knowing that it’d be an important day for Little Man, a milestone. It was time to buy him his first pair of shoes. He’s been taking more and more steps lately, and so a shoe shopping trip was in our sights. His lovely auntie and uncle gave him ‘shoe money’ for his birthday, so we were all-set and eager!

We prepared well, by dropping Boo at her grandparents to play, as we were visiting them afterwards anyway. She seemed infinitely happier at the prospect of an hour with Nanny and Grandad rather than shopping with us! And so off we went.

Clarks wasn’t too busy, we only had to wait a few minutes before our number was called and we sat down to get my gorgeous boy’s feet measured. And that’s really where the trouble began… He did not want to put his foot into that measuring device, no, not at all! The tears and shouting began and the hysteria mounted. Now, with hindsight (a wonderful thing), sitting holding him there on my lap, while a strange lady came at him grabbing his legs was probably unwise. Why? Well, he only had his 12 months jabs two days earlier, when I had sat him in the exact same position, with a strange lady coming at him, though she did inflict a fair bit of pain in that instance. I don’t know that they’re connected, but I figure there’s a chance. Anyway, we did manage, and it turns out he’s a 5H – pretty big and very wide! Footwear choices were quite limited due to the width, but as luck would have it, the very pair that I’d liked were the only ones in his size. And here they are..

first shoes

And will he wear them? Nope. Screamed in the shop, sobbed at his grandparents and when we managed to coax him into them, he wobbled about in them tear-stained and miserable.

A milestone reached. A magic moment in the making and a photo opportunity if ever there was one. But shoes just don’t seem to be his thing! We have time, so we will obviously persevere…

Have others had children with a similar reaction? Is there hope for us?!

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39 thoughts on “Little Man Has Shoes! No Easy Task….”

  1. Oh my, what a nightmare! I do think it’s very common though – shoes feel so alien at first. He’ll come round. Maybe play a game of ‘shoe shops’ and pop them on the feet of a favourite teddy for a few days? It might coax him into thinking they’re actually ok! x

  2. Aww the first pair of shoes, a huge milestone! It must be weird having shoes when you’re used to being barefoot though. Seem to remember causing a stink with hers too initially. Little Man will be fine though, they’re great shoes. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  3. My son wasn’t terribly keen for ages and ages, well into his second pair. He’s fine now though and gets very excited about getting new footwear. However, don’t get me started on wellies……….they sound remarkably similar our two! I think you may be right about the jab connection.

  4. Awwww my little Bruiser was the same on his first shoe fitting. In fact he refused to wear the shoes at all for weeks. He was onto his second pair before he finally accepting wearing something on his feet. He’ll learn to love them in the end, I promise!
    linking up with #MagicMoments

  5. I feel his pain – I hate shoes and shoe shopping too! My eldest is now becoming a bit of a diva about shoes, “No they don’t fit, I prefer that style…” that kind of thing!!! I hope the latest trip out went well.

    1. Thank you. Well, we’ve just been out & he let me put them on him without fuss & had a little walk in them, so fingers crossed it’ll continue to go well..! Thanks for hosting x

  6. Lovely post (despite the tears) but what a lovely moment. Lucas had these shows too (except in blue) and we’ve still got. Brought back many memories for me as I am sure it has for a lot more of your readers #magicmoments

  7. Aww,what a lovely and exciting milestone!im sure he ll grow to love his new shoes!Mini was the same-she would rather go barefoot but unfortunately we live in the west if Ireland not the south of France so she had no choice but to get used to shoes!

    1. Yes, a lovely milestone, or so I’d thought! I really think the jabs experience played a part, though. He’s worn them today happily enough, so hoping he’ll be OK now! Thanks x

  8. That is such a shame, I remember our first pair of shoes it was something quite special, but I did a lot of prep before hand…We had a lovely little picture too from Clarks with my first steps on the top. I hope he gets the hang of it soon. Good luck…

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