Little Man Is 11!

Today sees us celebrating a birthday here as Little Man is 11!

He’ll be starting his last year of primary school in a few days time and I look at him and see how much he’s grown up over the past few years.

When he started school he was very shy and reluctant to join in with things, contribute, leave us all. I’m not sure you’d recognise that boy now. 

He has become self assured, comfortable in his own skin and abilities. This is a kid who knows who he is. 

My son is bright, loyal, sporty, hard working, funny, considerate and loving. He is also, and I think it warrants a mention here, an excellent liar! Keeps you on your toes! 

He does well at school and he’s had another good year there. As we go into his final year we are chatting about applying for his secondary school. His preference is a local secondary school that he can walk to with his friend each day and he really liked it when we looked around it. Fingers crossed.

He’s had his second year of playing cricket and his love of the game continues to grow. He has just started playing for a new football team, training started a couple of days ago so the football season has now commenced. He loves after school sports clubs and he enjoyed his school outward bounds residential. 

At 11, Little Man loves cricket, gaming, pizza, Herbie, football, Tom Gates books, mac & cheese, YouTube, Aston Villa, chocolate cake, his friends, Imagine Dragons and going to any sporting event. 

To celebrate his special day we’ll have his grandparents over for birthday cake this morning and then his best friend will be with us as we go to McDonald’s for lunch and then over to Edgbaston for the IT20 England vs New Zealand cricket match. It’s a day that the two of them have looked forward to for months as I got the tickets for this one ages ago. Let’s hope it lives up to the dream!

Happy birthday, Little Man. Love you loads. 

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2 thoughts on “Little Man Is 11!”

  1. Happy birthday to your Little Man, he can’t be that little anymore. hehehe
    Time flies, I can’t believe he’s 11 and starting his last year in primary school. It doesn’t seem that long since he started.
    He sounds like a lovely young man, you must be so proud. x

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