Little Man is 6!

This is a collaborative post

How can my baby be turning six years old today? Oh, and in truth ‘Little Man’ is now something of a misnomer. He’s taller than all of his classmates and most of the year above him!

Little Man has been counting down the months, weeks and days to today. He has been desperate for his birthday.

He has gone on and on about wanting Lego Dimensions for the Playstation. I can only hope that it can live up to the hype he’s created in his own mind. He desperately wants the Ghostbusters packs to go with it, and he’s asked for more Ghostbusters Playmobil. Yes, he loves Ghostbusters…despite never having seen any of the films!

When I think back on this time last year, we were anticipating the start of school, his first days in Reception. I was nervous because he struggled to settle at nursery and can be reticent and unsure in new situations. I needn’t have worried so much, he has had a good first year there, though he still hates to say ‘goodbye’ to me each morning. But then by the afternoon, I love seeing him with his closest friends, as they tear happily out of school running off to play with one another. He had a great end of year report and his teacher tells me he’s popular and kind and happy to join in with everything, which is all that I wanted to hear. He’s doing so well, he does make me proud.

My son is kind, sensitive, quiet (unless he’s in familiar company and then he’s far from quiet!), bright, determined, focused and funny. He makes me laugh so much. He has this family sewn up, as he can wrap me around his little finger and his big sister would do anything for him, even when he’s really annoying her! His greatest loves are his cousins, Lego, macaroni cheese, his best friends, the PlayStation, playgrounds, pizza, trips to the cinema, Marvel and Star Wars. Oh, and chocolate, he does like chocolate.

Today will involve his new PlayStation games, a football-shaped birthday cake, McDonald’s, the new Avengers Infinity War movie and a trip to the toy shop. These are all Little Man’s requests, he doesn’t think too big and he’s a real home-bod. I’m pretty sure we can cover all of this, so I’m off now to cuddle my son to within an inch of his life (he is a cuddler, this one) and to eat loads of cake…

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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2 thoughts on “Little Man is 6!”

  1. Happy birthday to your Little Man! I hope he has a fab day….It sounds like he has the best birthday planned. The new Avengers Infinity War film is brilliant. I watched it last week and I am very tempted to watch it again. x

    1. He had a great day, thanks. We saw it at the cinema and enjoyed it, but this was the first time the kids saw it and they enjoyed it x

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