Little Man is 8!

How can this be? How can my baby boy already be turning 8? Yes, Little Man is 8 years old today, and he is really not so little any more!

This is a big week in our house, as the kids are back at school for the first time since March and we are celebrating a much-anticipated birthday. Little Man’s birthdays are always ‘much-anticipated’ as he counts down to them for weeks and months beforehand. I think the whole return to school thing has got a bit lost, as he’s just been so focused on his birthday, which is no bad thing.

At 8, my son is the oldest in his class, and more than likely the tallest too. He enjoys school, he does well there and he has a wonderful group of friends. That said, he’s a child who is always happiest when he is at home. He loves his video games, playing football in the garden, watching football, playing with his wrestlers, Star Wars toys, Superzings and more, and watching movies and reading books. He is a real homebody, preferring days at home to pretty much anything else (other than Disney World, he would always pick Disney World!). 

Little Man is funny, he’s bright, he’s confident, he’s caring and he is a lovely little brother to Boo. They wouldn’t be without each other, they are very close.

At the age of eight years old, my boy has decided that he wants to be a gaming YouTuber, a footballer or an architect. He has a range of possibilities there!


For his birthday, options have been a little limited due to the pandemic. I had plans to take him on a special day out, but that’s had to be put on hold, we will get there at some point. He has had his best friend over for pizza already to celebrate, and today he will see his grandparents after school. There have been various cake and takeaway requests, so we’ll see what he settles on later! I suspect this evening will be about gaming, presents, films and lots of food. It’s all he’s asked for, these are pretty much his favourite things! 

I am so proud of the person that this one is becoming. And I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring him. Happy birthday, Little Man, love you. 

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    I hope your son has the best birthday! At that age it is so exciting waiting for your birthday and even cooler to be the eldest in his year! Sim x

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