Little Man Has His School Place

I found out this week that Little Man has his first choice school place, at the same school as Boo. I was a lot more relaxed waiting for the email this time round, knowing that his sister was already there helped. I remember lurking my emails like a crazy woman when it was Boo’s turn, whereas this time, it did feel like more of a formality.

So this is it, it’s real. My baby boy will be off to school in just over four months time. Before then we’ll be off to a parents welcome evening which should give us the chance to get some of his uniform and equipment as well as finding out which class he’ll be in. It’s actually this latter point that I am most focused on, whereas with Boo it made no difference to me whatsoever. Of course, I have more of an idea of teachers now, but it’s not that that I’ll be keen to know, it’s whether he’s been put in the same class as his friends from nursery.

If you read along here, you’ll know that it took Little Man a while to settle at nursery and he’s never been that keen on going. That is, until the last few weeks when he’s been happy to run off there and play with his friends. He’s made 2 or 3 really good friends there now and it would be so good if they were in the same class together as I think that would really help Little Man to ease into school life. I know the boys will also go to the same primary school as they too have older siblings in the school already. I know my son and I know that for the first few days and weeks it will really help him to have his buddies with him. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he is.

Then before we know it, he’ll have his settling in sessions, the summer holidays will roll around and the time will be here. His fifth birthday will distract us from the big day as it’s the day before term starts, and then he will be off. It will be half days for the first week and then full time from the following week. I think he’ll be tired, I know he’ll miss being at home but I hope he will enjoy it all.

Me, I’ll  miss having this little face around. I will miss his need for cuddles throughout the day and our fun days out together. His favourite is a trip to the cinema followed by Pizza Hut, just the two of us as it makes it all the more special that way. I’ll be making sure that once he’s at school we still get some one on one time like this, as I’m sure he’ll want it.

It’ll be strange, but I’m confident we’ll get used to it pretty quickly. We did when Boo started. I just need to get used to a very quiet house for five days a week. You might notice an increase in blogging and a studying frenzy come September as I try to adjust!

Have you got a little one starting school this year? If so, I hope you got your school place, too.

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12 thoughts on “Little Man Has His School Place”

  1. I’m so pleased he’s got his place. You are right. It is easier the second time. If you are concerned about his class, it really is worth giving the school a call or going in to talk to them, sooner than later. If nothing else, at least you have tried. In the past, I’ve found they have listened to my requests.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the nursery are quite good at letting the school know who to place the children with, and I’ve talked it over with them, so fingers crossed we’ll get them all together.

  2. Oh I’m pleased you know they will be together. I know ALL about stress when it comes to school places so very pleased it went all smoothly for you. It will be a big adjustment but I’m sure you will manage, we all do.xx

    1. Thanks, Louise. Yes, I think you’re right, and I was amazed by how quickly I got used to Boo going, so I’m sure all will be fine xx

  3. Well done on getting in to your first choice. I know it’s second time round and you sort of ‘expect’ it will happen, but until you actually get the letter you can never be totally sure!
    I hope your Little Man settles into school slightly easier than his nursery, and having Boo around may help – it did my boy!
    Enjoy these last few months of no school restrictions & I agree, fitting in one on one time when they’re at school is important

    1. That’s exactly how I felt, I just wanted that confirmation! I do hope so, we will see. I’ll make the most of our few months and then I’ll be booking in special dates with him 🙂 x

  4. Terrifying! My little girl will start at a daycare centre in September. She will only be 9 months 🙁 and because of the way the school system works here she will only be three years and 9 months when she starts school. I am already panicking about that!

    1. Ah, bless her, that is young for school, but I suppose it’s more of a preschool set up for her then so I am sure she will be OK. My son has lots of friends at nursery who have been there full time since they were little and they are happy x

  5. I know how hard he found nursery so I really hope he gets to stay with his friends, you’re guaranteed he’ll at least go up with one of them. So pleased it’s the same school too *annnd breathe* xx

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