Little Man is a Schoolboy

Little Man is now a schoolboy. How did that happen?!

He started school a couple of days ago, and is just going in for the afternoons this week. He will be there full time from Monday.

I really wasn’t sure how he would get on, as he struggled to settle for a while when he started nursery. Although he’s come a long way since then and really enjoyed his settling in sessions just before the summer break, I didn’t want to be overly confident that all would be well. But it was. It is. Now, he is just doing afternoons, so I am aware that I might hit a stumbling block when he has to go all day every day, but for now, all is well so we will enjoy that!

On his first afternoon he got used to his new classroom, had a tour of the school (where he saw and cuddled his big sister) and played with his friends. He already has several friends in class that he knows from nursery, which I’m sure is really helping him to settle. The teacher and class also sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and gave him a card and some sweets as it was his birthday at the weekend. I thought that was a lovely thing to do, and Little Man was delighted. It was more playing there yesterday and I suspect it will be more of the same today. Tomorrow he’ll go in a little earlier to experience lunchtime and school dinner which I’m sure will go smoothly as he had his lunch there when he was at nursery.

I have surprised myself by not being too emotional over it all. I was so upset when Boo started that I couldn’t even take her on her first day as I worried I’d upset her, so the Husband took her in. We both took Little Man, and I did not shed a tear. I think it’s because I know the school, I trust the school, I know how everything works, I am used to the school runs and there are many familiar faces. Whilst I am sad that our days at home, just the two of us, have come to an end, I also know how great an adventure school will be and that we will still get plenty of time together. My fears with Boo were all allayed, so I am much more relaxed about Little Man. I will no doubt have a few wobbles as reality sets in over the coming weeks and I will miss him, but we’re over the biggest hurdle and I am relieved to see him so happy.

So here’s to the start of my son’s school journey, one that I hope he enjoys single every day. I look forward to seeing him grow in confidence, develop new skills and make wonderful friendships. I’m so proud of you, Little Man.

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9 thoughts on “Little Man is a Schoolboy”

  1. Awww, doesn’t he look smart. I’m glad he’s settling in well, I’m sure he’ll do fine when he has to go all day. I think the first child is always the most difficult when starting. I remember, in our old home, our back garden backed onto the school playground and when Star started school I would stand at the top of the garden at playtime to see if I could her in the playground. Haha, I missed her so much. It does get easier though xx

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  3. You must have been the happiest mum when he joined school. He started a long journey but with much dedication and hard-work, I know he shall always make you proud.

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