Little Man the Destroyer

If you read my post a few days ago, you’ll know that we’ve not had the best Christmas here, thanks to an evil bug. When the kids haven’t been ill, we’ve still been pretty confined to the house, as everyone recovers, so there’s been a lot of playtime with the new toys – not necessarily a bad thing! This picture pretty much sums up every play session..


Around 30 seconds before this photo was taken, Boo and I were enjoying playing with her lovely new ball track, then in comes Little Man and it looks like this! His new Brio train track saw hours of play while he slept off the worst of his bug for several hours a few days ago, then he got up, spotted it, and started tearing up the tracks and running off with the drivers and passengers! Boo’s new Lego Friends doesn’t stand a chance when he’s about, and don’t expect to be able to complete a jigsaw puzzle without the pieces going mysteriously missing..! He’s definitely at the age of destroying rather than creating, and nothing makes him giggle more than knocking your towers down. Nice to see him enjoying himself, but a real shame for Boo when she’s actually made something – it’s lucky she seems to love him so much and puts up with it…!

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24 thoughts on “Little Man the Destroyer”

  1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve all been poorly – can really empathise as last year all four of us went down with flu – proper flu. It was awful. And yet despite that, much like you said, we all hung out in a bedraggled heap on the sofa and actually had proper ‘quality’ time!! Your little chap sounds like a real character bless him! After all, what are lego bricks for if not to knock down! xx #whatsthestory

    1. Thank you. It’s a horrible time of year for it, but I think there’s a lot going round. He is a very cheeky boy – loves destroying!

  2. Bless him! I guess at least it means he’s better, but must be frustrating for Boo. None of my kids have ever done this to each other (although they’ve done plenty of other stuff!).
    Can sympathise with you all being ill over Christmas, it must have been miserable. Last year my husband and both of my boys had flu and it was awful. I hid my daughter away to protect her and looked after them.

    1. It’s not nice, but as you say, most families have Christmases like this from time to time. He just loves checking for reactions when he knocks everything down, and then laughing at your shock!

  3. Gosh I’ve just been reading your other post – what a Christmas, I hope you’re all feeling better now. Boo is going to have to start building away from Little Man if he’s going to continue with his demolishing – poor thing. I’m sure it won’t last long though and Little Man is probably having a ball! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory and linking up so many wonderful posts this year. Here’s to 2014 🙂

    1. We tend to save important builds for nap times – it was Lego Friends time today while he slept! He does love doing it, and it really doesn’t bother her – she’s very tolerant of his ways! Thank you and thanks for hosting x

  4. Sorry to hear that you#ve been ill. We had the lurgy last year and it was rubbish. Hope you’re all on the mend now though. Don’t think it will be too long before he’s moving away from destruction to construction.

    1. Hoping we are, thanks. Yes, I’m sure it’s just a step away from the next stage, and he does already enjoy ha Duplo building – it’s just everyone else’a creations he likes to destroy!

  5. Sorry to hear you’ve all been ill. Hope everyone is back on top form now.
    Lots of playing with new presents is a good thing though.
    It’s always so hard with the different ages, the little ones don’t understand and just love destroying. Its lovely that Boo doesn’t mind it too much. x

    1. It is lucky, as she really doesn’t mind and laughs at him (which I’m sure is another reason for him to want to keep doing it!). They play well enough together, and we use his nap-times for more structured play for Boo. And thank you – hoping we’re on the up, too x

  6. I can sympathise with the illness, as we’ve all had it over the last week or so too and also didn’t get the Christmas we expected. I can also relate to the destroyer phase! Our two year finally cam out of it a few months ago, but fortunately he doesn’t have an older sibling to annoy. She sounds very tolerant!

    1. She is very tolerant of him – they get on very well, fortunately! Sorry to read about your Christmas, too – just awful x

  7. haha Monkey has what we call his ‘destruction mode’ too, usually made worse by tiredness, hunger or poorliness, where he wants to just destroy anything we make or gets massively frustrated and then destroys everything. My friend’s kids who are a year or so older get really frustrated when it is something they have built, so poor Boo! Sounds like she has the patience of a saint!

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